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  • Meddle was so so except for One of These Days and Echoes, which are two awesome Pink Floyd songs. I saw your comment on one of my blogs, have you heard of Porcupine Tree?
    Yeah. :) Animals and The Wall are my favorites...Wish You Were Here and Dark Side of the Moon are tied for second.
    Well, thanks man. I suppose that's a problem we all face from time to time.
    In any case, open up the musical mind, you say?
    Sorry for the late reply..... I haven't been on ZD as much as I'd like to lately, since school's been taking up a lot of my time
    But in any case, I've listened to a few songs from Pablo Honey, and my favorites are You and Creep. The rest all bored me. :/
    Wow.... that's awesome! XD
    I also gave Pikul a listen, and I can see why you like it so much. It's really good! I liked how it was more sort-of raw than their other works, but it's still not completely stripped-down, like a lot of people's debuts are. (take Radiohead for example)
    I look at the blogs a lot, I'd find it, although you're not notified of replies unless you subscribe. And you're welcome, I write honestly.
    I've heard of them, but I'm not familiar with their work... I can only assume that I should be?
    That's awesome!
    The vast majority of what I listen to is from the mid-90's forward (with the exception of Pink Floyd)... I need to listen to a bit more classic stuff.
    I do not... but I haven't really listened to him all that much, so I can't say whether I really like his music or not. Are there any songs you's recommend in particular?
    Yep. All videos that he made are really funny. Especially when he seems something weird, his face will look like he had been paralyzed. xDD
    You're welcome, N_M (I'll call you that, alright?).
    I know, right? That made me laugh my seat off, when he jumped like a ninja to that building where Yami was in
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