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    I've had TP in my possession since September of 2008. Hilariously enough, I wouldn't finish the game until January of 2010. I took a loooong break from the game, but resumed playing it eventually and beat it. XD
    Twilight Princess, but it's probably because it was my first Zelda game. You can never forget your first. Anyway, it seems like Skyward Sword is going to be able to incorporate everything and still introduce so many new gameplay functions to keep everyone entertained. I don't think Nintendo was kidding when they said SS would be their best Zelda game ever.
    Thank you for the compliment. ^^ I felt kind of lonely without talking to people through VM, so I wanted to add more friends to talk to.

    Speaking of conversing, what's your favorite Zelda?
    I like Detroit's pitching over Texas's, but if Delmon Young can't play, I think I'd take Texas over Detroit. Kybyrian is a Cards fan, so I've officially adopted them as my postseason team. I think the Brewers are a better team than them, though. I don't disagree with your prediction for the Brewers to win it all. They're beasts at home, and they have homefield advantage. Not confident in Texas's pitchers's ability to shut down the Brew Crew's offense if the two meet in the WS.
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