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    Akiranon? More like Pure Awesomeness.
    Hello there. I'm new here so...would it be alright if you could register me as your friend?
    By the way...

    Regarding to what Josh said earlier and taking all that text that says "that's supposed to be a profile picture of you."

    I'd certainly hit that. ;D

    No I'm not actually gay. Sorry to disappoint you. :P lawl
    No. You wanna know why?

    Because technically that's supposed to be a profile picture of you, so you'd be asking me to hit you.

    *Shivers again*
    Copycat indeed. :P

    And do I know you from somewhere?

    By the way... TWEWY kicks ***.

    Wait... Beta? =O

    EDIT: Indeed, it all adds up. TWEWY avatar, The Netherlands, Forsaken Legend, Zelda Temple. Haha, sup.
    Just post,

    That's how I got more posts.
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