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This meta-template is used to more easily create navigation footers.


This template is used as a composite of several subtemplates. Start with the code:

  • edit — The name of the navbox template. Creates a link to edit that template. (Optional.)
  • hide — Navboxes are hidden by default if there are three or more above them. To override this, set hide=true or hide=false. (Optional.)
  • title — The title that appears at the top of the navbox.
  • header — A header inside the navbox, spanning across the width.
  • section — A label for the section/row. (Optional.)
  • content — The content of the row, usually a list of links.

{{Navbox}} and {{Navbox/Bottom}} are required. Between them, place any number of {{Navbox/Header}}s and {{Navbox/Row}}s in any order.

Any Navbox after the third one on a page is hidden by default, but they can be force to be shown or hidden by specifying "hide=false" or "hide=true", respectively. {{Cat|Box Templates