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Zelda MMORPG 2D Zelda The Gold Kingdom

Aug 7, 2014
Yeah it happened not how I expected the fact is.... it is not sponsored by Nintendo and it only has a spanish server.... well that sucks


I have played it and tbh is actually an amazing game is awesome out of this world and what every fan of zelda wants, the locations everything is similar to the actual ocarina of time and it even has a majoras mask portal where u can enter the world of majoras mask, every boss is there, every item, every mask every milimiter of OOT and MM is there.


The forum: Zelda Online: El Reino Dorado
Download: CLIENTE 0.47

PD: I do not own this place or I am the actual creator of this game.


And now.. That imp has it
Nov 4, 2013
If it was in english I'd check it out probably.

Yeah, my Spanish isn't what it used to be :P

Even though I don't think Zelda is a franchise that would work in an MMO game you have got my interest. Please keep us posted on updates, especially if the games gets released in English! Also, how many people are currently playing this online?

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