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ZD Writing Competition: Round 41 - Result

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Spiritual Mask Salesman

CHIMer Dragonborn
Staff member
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Welcome to another Round of the Writing Competition! We're very late to get this running for the month, and for that I apologize. It's probably too late to try a standard prompt, so I figured it'd be best to do something a little light that way making an entry won't be too time consuming, and the event won't run into next month. So for this month the prompt will be:

Summer poems!

It's currently summertime for the majority of our userbase, so craft a summer themed poem!

Send all entries to me via DM by Thursday, June 30th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -4)

As always, send any questions to me by DM and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy writing!

Spiritual Mask Salesman

CHIMer Dragonborn
Staff member
Comm. Coordinator
Site Staff
This month we have 3 entries! Voting will end July 9th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -4)

Honeysuckle Summers

When I was a child,

My siblings and I,

We used to go to the neighbor's wire fence,

Overtaken by wild honeysuckles.

The sweet smell permeating the hot, humid air,

Luring us across the gravel driveway.

Making sure we didn't shock ourselves on the electric wires,

As the horses grazed on the other side.

We'd pick the bright white and yellow flowers.

And slowly





Dragging the style through the flower,

Gathering all of the nectar in a small bead.

We'd touch our tongue to the drop.

Tasting the sweet nectar of summer.

Each flower only producing that morsel.

But the effort was worth it.

Every year as summer begins,

And the flora begins to flourish,

That familiar, unmistakable scent of honeysuckles fills the air,

Bringing me back to my childhood.

Each memory a drop in my mind,

Just like the drop of nectar on my tongue.
Welcome to summer
Where the heat is a real bummer
When you eat an ice cream cone
and it suddenly melts onto your iPhone

The temp’s usually 93
and bugs won’t ever leave you be
It’s humid and hot even at night
The sun shines in your eye just right

Thankfully fall will soon be here
Except in Florida where summer is all year
Farewell to summer the season of heat
Next year again we’ll meet
sing a song of sun and sea
grab my hand and run with me
life is short, summer shorter
smile sweetly on my shoulder

you and i are a melody
sun and sea and salt and sand
those can be our harmony
just reach out and grab my hand

all the coast belongs to us
masters of the tidal rush
life is short, summer shorter
with me before it gets colder

you and i are a mangrove tree
sun and sea and salt and sand
those can be our nourishing
just reach out and grab my hand

then the sun will say farewell
and the sea's tide starts to swell
summer's short, days are shorter
stay with me as we grow older

you and i are a summer's day
sun and sea and salt and sand
those can be our protege
just reach out and grab my hand

Hyrulian Hero

Zelda Informer Codger
Oct 6, 2016
Dag nabbit, I always miss these things! Here's one for free to add to the summer poetry spirit! Also, reading the actual submissions, it's encouraging. Thanks to all the people who took the time to edify the rest of us, you deserve all the votes.


Propped on his elbows under a tree,
A boy named Pip lies pouting,
This summer is boring, find something to see!
His romantic nature was shouting.

And like any boy with idle hands finds,
Boredom will soon beget folly,
Like the adults say, ennui blinds,
But for him adventure is calling.

Carefully he creeps up on,
A fairy-catching boy,
And while he's distracted,
Pip's plan is enacted,
He swipes the others season-changing toy.

The other boy continues stalking fairies,
As Pip sneaks off then breaks into a run,
It's not that his intentions are nefarious,
He's just looking to have a little fun.

Atop a stump he yells with a swing,
The breeze smells of rain fresh fallen,
The season now has turned to spring,
The wind is heavy with fragrant pollen.

A smile of wonder and giggle of glee,
Pip is filled with childish elation,
His temper improved vicariously,
With the seasonal transfiguration.

A Deku flower has nearby bloomed,
And in jumps the frenzied small fry,
His nature compels him,
The flower expels him,
And rockets him into the sky.

He drifts to the floor of the forest anon,
Where his town and the wild abut,
The stifling monotony of summer is gone,
Replaced by a growl in his gut.

On the nearby stump of a fallen oak tree,
Pip makes short work of the spring,
With a flash of his rod,
Again he plays God,
And the seasons arrange to his liking.

Red turn the trees and the nectar-drunk bees,
Find their flowers have fruited post-haste,
Autumn's arrival came just when he pleased,
With nary a moment awaste.

A shroom and an apple, a plum and a pear,
He munches in a ravenous flurry,
And just for good measure,
As he walks at his leisure,
Tops it off with handfuls of raspberry.

With his tummy full of Holodrum fruit of the seed,
Pip tops the stump again,
"A blizzard is just what this quiet day needs!"
The rascal opines with a grin.

The scepter swings and a chilly wind,
Blasts the wood with a howl,
Snow piles high,
In the blink of an eye,
And quickly he draws up his cowl.

Through the wintery wood he flies,
Flinging snowballs at enemy trees,
Sliding wildly below frozen skies,
Enjoying with gusto the sudden freeze.

When without warning a groan and a crack,
Signals a shifting of fortune,
The ice breaks and yawns,
And he drops the baton,
Each horrifying in equal proportion.

The last thing the boy in the icy pond sees,
Lamenting as he does his backfired petard,
As he slips 'neath the waves in the maw of the freeze,
The boy who he'd robbed, retrieving his rod.

Darkness will take him if deeper he sinks,
When then without warning his face feels sun,
His eyes remain closed as the rays his skin drinks,
His lungs cease to ache has life after begun?

Eyes fluttering open his hopes are confirmed,
As he lifts his head up from the stone,
Where moments ago,
He was knee-deep in snow,
He lay now in a lakebed, dry as a bone.

The fairy boy stands with rod in hand,
Like mythical Galahad,
With a sigh of contrition,
Pip's muttered admission,
"Maybe the summer isn't that bad."
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Hyrulian Hero

Zelda Informer Codger
Oct 6, 2016
In the first one, I really liked





It's not often you see that kind of action communicated through format.

The second entry really made me hate summer which I think was the point. I've been to Florida a handful of times and the humidity and the heat and the bugs...gross.

Entry three was very light and didn't overstay its welcome, also feels like there ought to be a rudimentary melody to it.

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