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ZD Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tournament (March 2023) - Finished!


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Damn, I didn't even have the time to update the brackets!
And with this we have our finalists!


With the matches being completed, we're now at the Finals!
The undefeated @thePlinko vs. the reascending @Ragnarokio

As a reminder: Plinko only has to defeat Rag once to become the champion, while Rag has to beat Plinko twice to win the tournament. Make sure to submit the replay(s).

Deadline is April 20th, although I'll be willing to extend for a few extra days if you both'd prefer this phase to include two weekends.
Take your time to research about each others teams, and good luck. Have fun.


Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
the best time to play a game for me this weekend will probably be between noon and 7:00 or so EST but i'll likely also be available before and after that. If you want to pick a time/date we can play then otherwise you can probably just challenge me on pokemon showdown and if i'm around i'll accept it.


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Congratulations to our winner! @thePlinko!
And to our 2nd and 3rd place, respectively: @Ragnarokio and @The Sun Fan!
To all other participants: you all did great and I'm proud of you, keep on practicing and I'm sure you can be the next winner.

Thanks everyone for joining, this event could not have happened without your help.
I hope you had fun, and see you in the next one a few months from now.

A medal will eventually be awarded to the 1st place as a prize for the spectacular performance in the tournament.
(I might make a custom sprite since the event is under new management, so that might take a while).

I'll soon update this thread with a brief survey to see what was the community's opinion on this event. Feedback will be appreciated and will allow us to host better events. I will also create another thread, this one will contain a poll so the community can play a role in deciding how the next tournament will be, by providing a space where we can discuss format, metagames, and other special rules.


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Sep 29, 2020
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