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Game Thread Yu Yu Hakusho Mafia

A Link In Time

To Overcome Harder Challenges
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Vote Count 2.1:

Seanzie (1) - Neon
Rubik (1) - DawningWinds

Not Voting - a'lana, ExLight, Kirino, Mikey the Moblin, Morbid Minish, Rubik, Seanzie

With 9 alive, it takes 5 for a majority lynch. Day 2 ends on Tuesday, December 20th at 9 PM EST.
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Princess Abigail

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Jun 26, 2020
My real name is actually zRubik.

I think we should go in reverse order.



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@ExLight can you explain why you think there's a strongman
that bit seems odd to me
Because Doctor is very common in vanilla mafia setups yet Killjoy was still successfully killed after a ninja self bussed
The logical conclusion is that if they did bus rag they were certain that they'd be able to kill Killjoy

So either they have a roleblocker and managed to spot a doctor soft somewhere or they have a strongman and pierced through the doctor
sure, they could've taken chances and shot the tracker without any decent plan but that's a disproportional risk to take because Killjoy was an obvious doctor target, and it just seems unlikely for an already at disadvantage mafia to do that


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Why didn't you vote for anyone yesterday? Are you some kind of mega coward?
I voted for Moe p much all phase
I do not want to pursue him right now though but depending on what flips through the game I might go back at him

I didn't step much into the rag wagon because I was busy + I was hoping she'd explain the reason of the self vote (I initially assumed maybe she was in a bad place mentally, but after the flip I feel like it might've been an experimental game plan) + yes I'm baby

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