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Your Top 5 Fictional Settings



Rilan, the setting for my PBPRP. Shameless plug done.
Tamriel, either during Morrowind or Skyrim, possibly before Oblivion
As I am on the ZD Forum, I am legally obligated to put Hyrule
Percy Jackson Books (Not the movies, the books.)
Star Trek's Universe. Three words: Replicators and Space. How could I not?


The Young Drifter
Jun 16, 2010
Twilight Princess' Hyrule
Percy Jackson (Camp Half-Blood)
Avatar: The Last Airbender World
Final Fantasy VI World


What a fearsome beast!!
Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
Colombia/Bioshock infinite- with out the racism please because other than that it's a beautiful place.
rapture/boishock 1&2- just because the city under the ocean floor just sound freakn awsome!
Hyrule- need I say more?
Skyloft- who wouldn't want to fly around on an awesome giant bird?!
And last but not least/ the world from LOZWW- just because i think living and transporting between islands would just be freakn sweet!


Apr 22, 2011
5. Star Trek universe
4. Lord of the rings universe
3. Harry Potter universe
2. Pokemon universe
1. Star Wars universe <3


i luv u
Dec 17, 2011
1. Hyrule, ST era. The economy in this era seems pretty stable and technological growth isn't stifled.. The land is cool, and realistically I wouldn't be restricted to train-only travel. Plus, they have bunnies!

2. Metroid Prime. Tallon IV is beautiful.

3. The Shire from LoTR. Ideal fantasy location to live a happy, peaceful life. Simple as that.

4. Mushroom Kingdom. Money everywhere. 'Nuff said.

5. Aincrad from Sword Art Online.

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