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Your first lootbox

Lootboxes have become a rite of passage in gaming. You are not truly a modern gamer until you have opened your first lootbox.

Every gamer remembers where they were and what they were doing in their lives when they opened their first lootbox.

To open a lootbox is to understand the future of our great culture.
To open a lootbox is to further the shining future of our significant existence.
To open a lootbox is to know you that you too can be a sea creature!

Which was your first lootbox?
Which game was it in?
What did you get in it?
Was it free or did you pay?


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The only game I can think of that I've played with loot-boxes is Overwatch so my first one would have had to have been in that. Probably only got some useless sprays and icons or something knowing Overwatch but I don't remember. I've never paid for any and just earn them as I play.

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