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TPHD-Wii U Your Favorite TP Moments

Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
There's been a lot of negativity surrounding TPHD so far, so I thought I'd try to shift gears and get people thinking about what made them love TP so much in the first place. In no particular order, here are some moments I'm absolutely looking forward to experiencing again:

Howling the Song of Healing - Got shivers when I heard this the first time. The Song of Healing from MM was such a sorrowful and solemn tune, so a wolf howling it along with the spirit of the original player (Hero of Time Link) is an excellent way to relive it.

Midna's Lament - This entire segment of the game is amazing, and probably one of the most emotional in the series. The Link/Midna relationship is, to me, the best and most well developed in the series. Fighting back to Zelda with Midna barely alive packed a huge punch.

Trekking through Gerudo Desert - I always try to do this part at night. It's so cool coming back to this place and storming it, like you're taking on an entire desert. This is better with your new-found purpose, getting the mirror of Twilight. The music is awesome as well.

Following Queen Rutela's Ghost - The rendition of the Serenade of Water is chillingly beautiful, and matches the somber tone of that part of the game excellently. It's just so fitting, seeing as Rutela is a decedent of Ruto and everything.

Ganondorf's Execution - Now THIS is what I was expecting as the OoT/MM follow-up. This is exactly what should happen to Ganondorf after OoT; execution by sword befitting of the SOB he truly is. What a perfect scene for that point in the game.

Blizzeta's Demon Face - It still scares me to this day.

Snowboarding down Snowpeak
- This place is so gorgeous during sunrise when the light starts to hit it. It's not very "Zelda-y", but it's such a great way to soak in the environment.

Chudley's Shop - I have to pay 20 rupees just for the privilege of walking through the door, and then I'm berated for being the poor peasant that I am. Hilarious.

Navigating the Lost Woods
- Getting infuriatingly lost once more in a forest that makes everything look the same. I wouldn't have it any other way. Once again, love the music making a comeback.

Climbing Hyrule Castle
- This was almost as epic as climbing Ganon's Tower in OoT. Actually, it might be even more epic now that I'm thinking about it.

So what are your favorite TP moments? If you're going to get TPHD, are you looking forward to experiencing them again?
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Nov 17, 2015
Wow, so many awesome moments! Love this game to death.

I have to start with the intro, shivers everytime. Perfectly setting the amazing tone for the game, especially epic when it transitions to Wolf-Link and he howls and then the amazing music with the titlescreen fading in. Masterful.

The first battle with King Bulblin, this was the first time the horse-combat was really put to the test and showed us how epic battles can really be. The cutscene leading up to the battle is fantastic as well. I love that Link is alone, fighting all these guys. And of course the epic showdown on the bridge. I was speechless after this segment.

Master Sword in Faron Woods is beautiful as well, love that environment with the sunlight shining down through the trees on the sword. I also love how when you walk up the stairs there is no cutscene, the cutscene doesn't start until you walk up to the sword and press A - making a very special moment with you seeing it and examining it yourself for as long as you want until you trigger the cutscene.

I agree with you about the desert: Just when I thought that I had seen most of this world you get launched into a huge freaking desert. I was infinetly impressed by this. Just sneaking around with the bow and the hawkeye-scope taking out baddies on the watchtowers and then stealing their Boars and start wrecking their base - so cool.

I also agree with you on the snowboarding lol - this game just keeps on impressing.

Going back in time in Sacred Grove and realising you're in the Temple of Time and hearing that music again, amazing.

Twilit Dragon Argorok Boss Battle, so intense up in the sky with the thunderstorm and everything - so epic. One of the coolest boss battles for sure.

This game is just full of moments it gets harder and harder to choose as you're writing - I'll just end up writing the entire game lol

The entire game is just one big fantastic moment it's incredible.


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Jun 15, 2010
I'll refrain from mentioning what's been said so far and instead bring up meeting Ooccoo for the first time, mostly due to Link's facial reaction.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Well it is one of my fav games ever so what's not to like about it :P
-I love the epical fight against Bulblin on the bridge. Link holdin his sword up in the air like a real boss. So epical.
-The spirits being released from the twilight and showing their forms to Link. Beautiful scenery and beautiful music.
- The first time Zant shows up and gives Zelda a choice. That was real badass.
- The cutscene with the sages and revealing what happened to Ganondorf after the events of OoT.
- Link lifting up the Master Sword.
- Both Zora's Domain and Snow Peak Ruins. Beautiful locations.
- Rutela's spirit following you and leading you to the Zora's Armor.
- The cutscene when you release the Zoras from being frozen to death.
- Zant revealing what happened to him plus the battle.
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Jul 6, 2011
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My favourite moments in the game are:

When Zant forces the surrender of Hyrule- He's shown up, obviously having dominated the Hylian forces outside and Zelda is making a last desperate stand in the throne room with the few soldiers she has left. Zant with his shadow beasts demonstrates how easily he could win by taking out the soldiers around Zelda. Finally realising all hope is lost, she drops her sword signifying her submission.

King Bulblins assault on Kakariko- The best bit about this is when Barnes drops his visor in a cowardly manner to hide his face from King Bulblin.

Ganondorf's execution-One of my favourite cut scenes of all time. Ganondorf has been sentenced to capital punishment, discovers he has divine power and then turns everything around by murdering his executioner with a sword still piercing his chest.

The cowardice of the Hylian Knights- When Telma describes the task they would have to perform, all the knights flee. One dwarven knight realizes his comrades have fled and then proceeds to make his escape also.

Midna's lament-Zant exposes Midna to the power of the light spirit and Link must take her to Hyrule castle to save her life.

Not take mirror-When Yeta is transformed by a shard of the Mirror of Twilight, her head rotates 360 degrees to reveal a monsterous face.

Zant reveals his motives-I love when Zant no longer bothers with a mask of sanity, jumping around like a lunatic and screaming as he tells of how he was robbed of the twilight throne and how he found his God.

Ascending Hyrule Castle- It is great when you hear the storm outside and Ganondorfs theme kicking in, getting louder and louder as you approach the boss door.

Dark Beast Ganon-After Midna purges Ganondorf from Zelda's body Link and Zelda relax as they think it is all over. Not for long, though. Link looks over his shoulder after he hears a sound, and there in the middle of the hall Ganondorf is reforming himself into a gigantic beast.
Aug 12, 2015
No one else is going to agree with me here, but I'm really looking forward to collecting the Tears of Light again, especially in Kakariko Village. Such great atmosphere.

Another favourite moment is the very dark cave you can find near Lake Hylia.
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
No one else is going to agree with me here, but I'm really looking forward to collecting the Tears of Light again, especially in Kakariko Village. Such great atmosphere.

I actually agree with you, haha. People always compare these couple of segments to the Triforce pieces in WW as far as how annoying it is.... I was pretty surprised when I found out that was a common complaint. It's not my favorite moment in the game, but I do enjoy it nonetheless.

To me, hunting the Tears of Light serves the important purpose of the player seeing first-hand what the environments look like in Twilight, and how the people of Hyrule react to Twilight. It's critical to the theme of contrast that TP has going on constantly, and, more importantly, it gives the player even more motivation to rid that particular area of Twilight. This is especially effective when we see the Ordon children in the Kakariko segment - we have a bit of an attachment to them at that point, and seeing them cower in absolute terror does a good job of motivating us to complete the mission. It's also very rewarding when we finally meet these people that don't know we saved them after we restore the light, and seeing how they normally go about their business and such.

Even then, it's not like the tears were hard to find or anything, since they're marked clearly on your map. WW just drops you off in the sea and says "have fun looking!", whereas TP guides you through the area in question to make sure that you soak everything up. It's not perfect by any means, but I don't think it's the worst thing in the world.

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-The battle on the bridge and Links victory pose.
-Zelda in he final battle not being a useless damsel.
-The first part of the battle with the skeleton dude.
-Getting chased by girls through the streets of castle town after winning the star game
Aug 12, 2015
-Getting chased by girls through the streets of castle town after winning the star game

What do you mean, after winning the star game? You're telling me someone was actually able to beat that nightmare of a mini game? I gave up on that one after countless of tries.


Jul 1, 2012
I'll list my top ten:
  1. All of this
  2. Opening loading screen
  3. Saving Colin sequence and cutscene
  4. Ganondorf transforming into Beast Ganon (with the music too)
  5. Lifting the Twilight for the first time in Faron
  6. Midna's Lament
  7. Link's chat with Rusl at the very start of the game
  8. Fighting Argorok atop the City of the Sky
  9. Entering Hyrule Castle for the first time and seeing the rain
  10. Exploring Hyrule Field at night
Aug 12, 2015
I forgot something that I really loved, the music that played whenever you had beaten a dungeon boss. Always made me feel like some big adventure was behind me. The music in Twilight Princess is fantastic in general. I never got how people would complain about it not being orchestrated when what they did with synths was so good. Not that I'm not looking forward to a full orchestral soundtrack though.


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May 20, 2012
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Definitely the part where the Magic Armor was ****. /s

The soundtrack in all honesty has to be one of the best things. It seemed so grand and really got me into the game.


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Nov 24, 2012
I definitely agree with just about everything thats been said already and don't really feel like being redundant.

But one that I haven't seen others mention was setting the bomb shack on fire when you first enter Kakariko. The first time I saw this, I began to freak out and my mind was blown. I didn't expect it and, although there isn't really any danger, still felt a rush of adrenaline and darted as fast as I could out.

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Sep 23, 2014
My favorite moment was always after the Water Temple when Zant appears and turns Link back into a wolf and Midna has to be taken to Hyrule Castle to be saved. This moment always stuck with me because not only do I love Midna, but that's also the moment when it's very clear that Link and Midna deeply care for each other.

Also the part in the beginning when Talo goes into the woods and you have to search for him.

No one else is going to agree with me here, but I'm really looking forward to collecting the Tears of Light again, especially in Kakariko Village. Such great atmosphere.

Another favourite moment is the very dark cave you can find near Lake Hylia.

I also enjoyed finding the Tears of Light. As a kid, it was scary searching through the thick of the Twilight but I always enjoyed those segments of the game. Although, I really hate those Twilight birds that make that ominous noise....



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1. Basically the entire section of Hyrule Castle, the dungeon leading to the final battle sequences.
2. The entire final battle with Zant.
3. Ganondorf's reveal at the Aribter grounds, the execution scene—that goes terribly wrong for the sages.
4. The game's opening loading screen
5. The game's ending
6. Lila and Colin getting captured leading to Link stumbling upon the Twlight realm, his transformation into a wolf for the first time.
7. Saving Colin sequence and cutscene.
8. The battle with Stallord.
9. The battle with Agorok.
10. Navigating the Lost Woods.

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