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Woo Magic

May 31, 2023
Hey y’all,

About 18 years ago I was playing Zelda II with my father and younger brother. At some point my brother took the controller and began hitting a series of buttons sort randomly as toddlers do. My father took the controller back and chastised him but, as we played through we realized that we had unlimited magic, and indeed in the menu it read “Woo” where it would usually would show what level magic the player had.

Of course this made the game substantially easier to beat. Over the next few weeks we wrapped it up but since we have not known exactly what allowed us to get infinite magic. The three of us discuss the matter when my brother and I are on leave and even done some of our own investigation but turned up nothing.

Unfortunately, the save file was corrupted overtime and this was before cellphones so I have no photo evidence. All I have is my memory what I saw and the assurances from my brother and father that “Woo Magic” actually happened.

If anyone has heard a similar story or seen this before, I’d appreciate your thoughts. This has been on my mind for several years and some closure would be much appreciated.
Thanks y’all!

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