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A Link Between Worlds Will You Pre-order?

Will you pre-order?

  • Yes

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  • No, I'll take my chances on the release date

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  • No, but I plan to

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  • No, I will not be purchasing it

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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
No. I'm trying with all my efforts to either a) get it for free or b) get it for a reduced price. I'm a cheapskate; kill me for wanting to keep my money ;p
Feb 5, 2011
Okay... I'l kill you for being cheap.
And I already did. If it came with a cool exclusive like a Link figure, I'll even fork over more cash.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
I'm still on the fence quite honestly with this. Either way I'm still going to get a copy of this regardless simply because I'm really excited for this game and I want it badly!

I will more than likely preorder it if like with Wind Waker HD, it comes with something. That will be a more than likely reason why I'd preorder it for. Otherwise I may not preorder it and instead go buy it in the store on the first day of it's release. At this point though I'm just waiting until more information comes out about preordering it.


Jul 1, 2012
I'll be buying it one day but, not anytime soon unless someone gives me a 3DS.

I'm not lending you mine :rolleyes:

I don't tend to pre-order games, so I'll say no. However, games that I actually want on release, I'll probably buy on that day. People always say games will be sold out, but I've never had that problem. So chances out that I'll probably purchase A Link Between Worlds within a week of its release in good ol' England.


Staff member
Jun 15, 2010
Maybe, it all depends on how much it will be here in Australia.

It's $70. I'm sure you may be able to get it for 10 or 20 dollars cheaper than EB Games at Target or somewhere. Price-matching is always an option.

I'll pass on pre-ordering, since I'm not seeing any gift and I'm quite certain this won't be a sell-out. This does not match the levels of the Skyward Sword Gold Wiimote set.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I will take my chances as I've only ever pre-ordered a video game once, and I probably didn't have to in the end. I've never had trouble finding new video games in retail stores on the date they're released. Even weeks later, new games are still plentiful. The only time I SHOULD have pre-ordered and didn't was for the Wii Mario All-Stars, but it was made in low quantities. That was a mistake. For a regular release, there's no problems on distribution that I've ever seen, especially on Nintendo titles.

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