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Why is ZD different?


Jan 19, 2018
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from what i understand a subset of members are uncomfortable with the growing "cliques" within the site (ie: there are some people here who came because their friends from marioboards are here or there are some people here who came to play mafia). They feel threatened or otherwise put off by the fact that the marioboarders or the mafia players represent as ort of "in-group" that they're not a part of, and feel like they shouldn't be a part of site centered around zelda or at least are put off by their presence.

I could be wrong though, that's just my impression from having seen people talk.

I certainly feel that a vast majority of the people i've talked to here have been exceptionally kind and pleasant people, regardless of the part of the site they've come from. I like this site a lot and I'm happy to be here. I'm sad to hear that not everybody agrees with that sentiment, but thats how things go sometimes, i guess. I can only guess that spirit is mostly sad to see less and less of the activity coming from the people she's come to associate with the community and gradually larger parts of it from newer people that she feels are only using the site and aren't really integrating with it, and I think that perspective is understandable. A gradual change in userbase can be a very sad thing, especially if you were particularly attached to a lot of people who are no longer around or active anymore. I know I've felt that way before when I've been on communities for long periods of time. It ends up feeling like a different place when so many of the faces change.

And echo, I think you've been wonderful to everyone and i hope you continue to be. I'm proud to have met someone as genuinely kind and loving as you.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Being a member for 11 years now I've seen a LOT and I mean a LOT of people come and go. People who were much loved and people who weren't. I also saw members who weren't much loved in the beginning and were so called causing troubles turn into great and solid members. Some are still active today. It's never a good thing to see people leave. Especially those who helped the community to become a fun and cool place. But like I said earlier this happened so often and it always will happen. You can't prevend that though. People come and go. And also some members do return so there's always hope. *I suddenly got the Gandalf quote in my mind".

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