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Breath of the Wild Why I Think Zelda Wii U Release Will Be Majora’s Mask Related

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Aug 29, 2014
My first thought when playing A Link Between Worlds and noticing the Majora’s Mask hanging on the wall was I figured it was just an easter egg.
Then it hit me, Majora’s Mask takes place during the child timeline, where A Link Between Worlds takes place in the downfall timeline.
I personally do not like the downfall timeline, because at the end of OoT ganon is killed and link is sent back in time. Never does it say that link is killed, whats not to say that link could have failed at the end of every game causing a split in the timeline after each game. But according to Nintendo the timeline splits 3 times after OoT.

So why would Nintendo include something from a separate timeline, that they took the time to develop in Hyrule Historia?
There are no hints or easter eggs in ALBW, from Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, or Spirit Tracks. That’s because in the adult timeline, hyrule was flooded and destroyed, therefore Majora’s Mask would have been destroyed as well. We don’t know the origin of Majora’s Mask, but Link first encountered the skull kid who was wearing the mask in hyrule, and transported to termina after. So it is absolutely possible for the mask to exist in the downfall timeline. Since it has no evil in it, Nintendo can make it fit anywhere before ALBW without any problems.
Speaking of timelines, the mask salesman is in OoA.

There are several references to Majora’s Mask throughout A Link Between Worlds, the most obvious being the mask hanging on the wall in links house. Others speculate that Ravio’s Diary with entrys from 3 days and the 72 maimai left behind, when mother maimai leaves to go to another dimension (I wonder where?), are also references to MM. There are four people wearing masks in Lyrule's theives town, if you talk to the leader, he will tell you to “don the mask” (don means to put on). Where did they get the masks from?
Not to mention the eyes in the dark palace look exactly like the moon’s eyes in termina.
eyes.jpg moon.jpg

The producers have admitted that the hyrule/triforce storyline is wearing thin.
I mean how many more times can link save zelda?
So, all this connection and foreshadowing leads me to believe that there is more in store for MM than a simple HD remake.
Jun 19, 2014
We know about all the ALBW and MM references, I want a 3ds version(which I think they will make before an HD) but I'll take either of them, but how does this post have anything to do with Zelda Wii U?
Aug 29, 2014
Because the Wii U release is going to be a Majora's Mask game
and I game my reasoning why I believe so


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Feb 9, 2013
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I personally think we will get a 3DS remake for MM (that will be exclusively for the "New 3DS" that was announced recently) year as another tide over for wait for the release of Zelda U. I think this especially since next year is the 15th year anniversary of MM. Plus it does makes sense if Zelda U is a MM related game and another prequel, even though this new game sets place in Hyrule, it's still possible though. Take look here.

SS was a prequel to mostly OoT, WW, and TP, especially TP. TP was still more recent and not old enough to be remade at the time, and WW was only 8/9 years old at time, so they went with a OoT remake since that was the oldest of the three being 12 years and a half by release at the time.

Zelda U seems like it will be a prequel that's more related and connected to OoT, MM, WW, and again TP, especially WW, OoT, and TP. Since OoT was already remade, we just had WW HD last year, and it wouldn't make sense to have TP on the 3DS or New 3DS, this just leaves MM as the only possibility left, especially due to all the fan demand.

Yes, I personally believe that we may get MM 3D next year cause Zelda U will likely be delayed until 2016. I since this considering Aonuma has already stated that he won't show any more of Zelda U until E3 2015. Plus the teaser we saw during E3 2014 was only 40 seconds long, just a simple in-game cutscene, no actual gameplay, not even a tentative title logo was shown unless count the title they showed before Aonuma's big speech and the teaser.
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Aug 31, 2014
I agree partly with Grat, i definatly think Zelda wiiU will be in the child timeline. And although another MM related game would be amazing Id be worried that it could 'take away' from the original MM.
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