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Sign Ups Which way is up, Which way is down? Everything is Backwards!

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Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
Greetings all mafia enthusiasts! Mellow Ezlo here presenting my latest game, Everything is Backwards! Now, before we get into the signups, there are a few things you should know, as this game is somewhat experimental (and, as a result, I am not totally sure how well everything is going to work; please leave your feedback on the setup after the game concludes).

Unique game mechanics:
  1. First and foremost, the flavour in this game is based on everything being opposite. Due to this, please note that some things may get confusing. For instance, the town in the game is referred to as the mafia and coloured as such; likewise, the mafia are referred to as the town. Additionally, night and day have been flipped around. Keeping this, along with the general knowledge that everything may not be exactly as it seems on the outside, ingrained within your brain will help to alleviate the inevitable confusion once the game commences.
  2. Next up, please know that all roles have flavour titles and this will be a No Reveal Game. As such, role claiming and name claiming will be unlimited. It is not role madness so some Vanilla roles will exist.
  3. There will be a way for dead players to continue contributing to the game. The exact nature of this mechanic will not be revealed until the actual game has begun, so this is just a general heads up to ensure that players are not expecting to be told the setup of the game after they die, or that they are free from following it upon death.
  4. Every day (night) phase, a neighbourhood chatroom will be opened up for two random players to discuss the game if they wish. This will only be for two players per night and they will be randomly selected; all neighbourhood chatrooms will be closed during the night (day) phase. This is where I need your input as you sign up: One neighbourhood chatroom so new members can view previous messages, or new chatrooms each phase? I am leaning towards the latter but I would like your input if you have an opinion on the matter.
Keep in mind these mechanics when you sign up, and remember that this game is experimental.

Now with that out of the way, how about some general rules? Please read these before signing up.
  • General mafia game rules apply.
  • Night phases will be 48 hours, Day phases will be 24 hours
  • A strict 5-post quota will be in effect for every night phase. You must contact me privately no later than 6 hours before the deadline if you know you will be unable to reach this for any reason. This will be strictly enforced and by signing up you are agreeing to it. If extensions are granted, you must still reach this quota by the time of the original deadline.
  • If the game reaches MYLO, No lynch will be allowed, but only for that phase. If the game remains in that state the following night phase, no lynch will not be allowed.
  • All votes will be locked in LYLO; ie, unvoting and changing of votes will not be allowed.
  • If you are placed in a neighbourhood chat, only paraphrases of what occurs within will be allowed in the thread. Direct quoting or screenshotting will not be allowed.
  • Please keep these rules in mind when you choose to join. The 5-post minimum, in particular, will be strictly enforced, and players will receive no warnings.

Now, let's get to signups! I am looking for 12 players for this game. I will also open a channel on Discord for spectators in case anyone wants to discuss the game but doesn't want to play.

  1. Minish.
  2. /kirino
  3. Naga
  4. Not funfun
  5. Rooby
  6. Johnny Bravo
  7. X
  8. Skittles Salesman
  9. Poyzij
  10. Not Jimmu
  11. TunUked
  12. 3mido2
  • My guy :right:
Thanks for joining me on this ride. Happy signups friends!
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