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Which Classic N64 Game Are You?


embrace the brand new day
Oct 23, 2012
Super Mario 64:

THE CLASSIC. THE ORIGINAL. It does not get better than this. You can play this game forever — and you probably did as a kid trying to get Yoshi. Just please, PLEASE, don’t make me do another water level. That eel thing is TERRIFYING.

It wasn't the original T___T This quiz confuses me. Good game though.


Finding Love by the Moon
May 28, 2012
Macy, Indiana
I got Mario Kart 64.

I actually find this ironic because I say the most violent and hilarious things in Mario Kart because I'm good but I suck at the same time. :xd:


Rock and roll will never die
Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
Mario Kart here as well. Ah, choco mountain, how I love thee.

I always hated that level. That and Yoshi's Valley... ugh

Super Mario 64:

It wasn't the original T___T This quiz confuses me. Good game though.

I'd take it to mean that it was the first Super Mario game most people of our generation- say between the ages of like 16-24- played, seeing as the N64 is very much a late 90s console.


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
Super smash Bros!

Psst...my fellow smashers. We must take over and rule over all the Ocarina of Times and Mario Karts.


*~German Sparkle Party~*
Aug 28, 2012
I got Mario Kart. I like it, but I'm not completely obsessed with it. Mostly because I'm always racing against NPC's. -.-
I'd have thought that I'd be Ocarina of Time. I love the music, the gameplay, the everything.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
This was my result:

Aww yea! I love Super Smash Bros. It is my favorite game on the N64! What really made me laugh was the whole politicians and world leaders section and I couldn't help but laugh as it means even the most intense arguments could be settle with a game of Smash Bros.! Interesting and funny thing about this is whenever I do in fact am a part of a huge argument, at the very end of it all we always settle the feud with a game of competitive Smash Bros. and it really is a great way to release all of my anger and rage into a more positive and enjoyable way. There are times that I do in fact lose, but for the majority of my matches I usually win but no matter the result, it really is nice to cool down after building up a lot of anger and rage from prior moments in life. Smash Bros. really does bring the community together no matter the incidents or current obstacles that individuals will face throughout their life, and I'm honored to be characterized as a classic Nintendo 64 game that brings out the best of us whenever we want to escape from reality.

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