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Hyrule Warriors Which Champion are you looking forward to playing as?


not actually Canadian
Feb 19, 2020
All of them will be fun. I’m probably most excited for Urbosa and Revali, though. They’re not my favorite champions (I don’t really have one,) but I feel like they’ll have some cool play styles, based on thwart we’ve seen so far.


Hum dee doo
Mar 30, 2020
Daruk and Revali. The end.

... only it's not the end. (Apparently. I surprised myself by realizing I had more to say.) I don't really have a favorite; they're all great. I do like those two more than the others for some reason, but I would enjoy playing as any of them. (I would love to see them or Kass in SSBU, maybe acting similarly to Pokémon Trainer.)


Innocent but not fearful.
Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
Urbosa cz she's a badass lady that can conjure lightning with the snap of her fingers.

But I need a Daruk storyline that helps to heal his relationship with dogs.

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