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What's Your View on HMs in the Pokemon Series?

What's your view on HMs in the Pokemon series?

  • I like them, they should stay exactly the way they've been

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  • They're fine, they just need to be improved to feel more useful

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  • They're kind of annoying - they shouldn't take up move slots

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  • I don't like them - change them into TMs and make them optional

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  • HMs must die with a vengeance! Destroy everything, even the moves!

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Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
My view is that HMs should bow out of Pokemon. I understand the desire or need to keep players from entering areas they're not ready for, but it's getting pretty ridiculous at this point. I really, really want to use all six of my Pokemon slots for battle without reserving two or three for the dreaded "HM slaves" - you know, the Pokemon you keep around for the sole purpose of crossing obligatory obstacles, not to actually be useful. It wasn't so bad when there were only five HMs, but last I checked we had eight (I haven't played generations V or VI), which makes going anywhere a hassle.

I'd like for HMs to be made into TMs or to just have Pokemon learn them on their own, but forcing them on unwilling players has gotten old. Nothing about HMs adds anything positive to the game. They add no inherent puzzle strategy or combat skill, and any time they are used for puzzles, you can easily replace said obstacles with normal objects you can interact with on your own. Tolerating their combat usage is annoying, since Pokemon are only allowed four moves and I put careful, tactical thought into what they'll learn to give them the edge. Being unable to delete HMs without the help of a Move Deleter is also kind of pointless. HMs don't break when you use them - who cares if I erase the move for the moment? Let that be my problem, Game Freak. They've made efforts to make HMs more bearable, but it's still not enough. It would be like somebody trying to comfort you when a rottweiler is chewing on your leg by giving you an ice cream cone. You'd appreciate the ice cream, but the problem is still there.

So what's your view? Are HMs perfectly fine, or are players better off without them? Do HMs really add something to the game, or do they just get in the way? If you think they're a problem, how would you go about alleviating that problem?


I'm baack. Who missed me?
Sep 7, 2011
United States, Michigan
I don't think it is a bad idea to have moves that help with progression in the overworld, however I have some problems with it. First, they could be deletable. I don't see why them not being deletable is a thing. They're just like any other kind of move, just usable on things that aren't Pokémon. This function just seems extremely pointless especially since HMs don't break anyways. Second, they could be more powerful in battle. Yes, most of them (like Surf and Fly) are actually fairly decent, but others (especially Cut) just suck. Cut is just as powerful as Tackle and the only difference is that it can be used in the overworld and can't be deleted. It could use some more power behind it or at least have a high crit. chance.

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