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What was your most recent purchase?


magical internet cat....
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Jun 22, 2016
I went online to purchase a laser pointer for my cat after seeing a friend using one with their cat recently and ended up buying a bunch of cat and dog toys for my pets.
Ooh be careful with the laser cuz lasers blind eyes...


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I purchased $2k of Apple gift cards because a supermarket had a 20x frequent flyer point deal on them. Since I am intending to purchase a new iPhone in the next few months when the next one is released anyway it seemed like a good time to get them now since the frequent flier points for that transaction alone are worth more than half of the cost of a flight from Sydney to Tokyo. Now Japan just needs to open their borders....


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Went out to buy some new shirts for work, and since it cost less than I had anticipated I picked these up for myself. I'm happy to finally own anime merch, since my parents are chill with it now.


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Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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I missed most of the races, but I got the $25+tax PPV for some races at a super historic track that hasn't been raced on in years and tonight is the last races on the 41 year old asphalt so even tho I missed most I had to see the last couple.

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