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What might be the replacement of loftwings?


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Aug 16, 2019
In trailer, we can see skyloft ish places, but no loftwing. What do you think will replace them?
I personally think they might be geo thermal springs that we can use the paraglider. But the islands seem rather high for a spring.


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Hm, this is a good question. My first thought would be the paragliding, but that doesn't exactly help you get up. And there will probably be some islands that are too high up to really access with the gloop-through-floors-ability. Perhaps there will be some form of air gusts as I believe was implied by the geo thermal springs. If that proves limiting, then maybe a newer form of Revali's gale that can be used mid glide? It's fairly difficult to say at this point what features and abilities Ninty is putting into this.

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Mar 23, 2013
I suspect we won't be able to transition to the floating islands in real time, much like how we couldn't enter the Divine Beasts without transitioning into them via loading screens (even though it was incredibly viable to reach all of them).

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