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What made you sad today?


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Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
Very much a dude.

You know what makes me even more angry, what makes my blood boil? :mad:

That people are posting disgusting lies about Prince Sidon online. :ananger:

I recently came across this video:

This video is so fake and photoshopped, it's unreal. There is just no freaking way that this video is real.

Because there's a ton of evidence against it.

Watch this:

And now read this:

"Addenum 2

There was once a giant Octorok in Hateno Bay, large as a mountain, which terrorized the village's fishers. Hearing of their distress, Prince Sidon went forth to personally eliminate the offending Octorok. But this Octorok was a tricky beast. After the prince dodged one of the stones it spit, it inhaled him whole. Such had been the fate of many strong warriors who went to slay the Octorok. Not one had come back alive. Just as it seemed Prince Sidon would be counted among them, the giant Octorok twisted in pain. The tip of a Silverscale spear pierced the Octorok's stomach from within, revealing itself as the source of the beast's agony. Incredibly, Prince Sidon had fought his way out by stabbing his spear over and over into the monster's stomach. Unable to bear the pain, the Octorok coughed up the prince and scrambled to escape. Ever since, the fishers of Hateno Bay have passed down this heroic tale: The Prince Who Slew the Fell Octorok"— Prince Sidon's Great Escape."

Now can you see why Applequestria's video is so fake an photoshopped it's unreal and a big fat lie? There is just no way that the brave hero who single-handedly defeated the Fell Octorok, a creature the size of a freaking mountain, and saved the fishing village, and helped Link to fight a Divine Beast, was OHKOed by a mere Moblin (especially a RED Moblin)! It's a freaking lie, a lie I tell you! And a disgusting one at that! Some people, including Applequestria, are spreading lies to sully Prince Sidon's name and heroic reputation, Applequestria should delete her video and publicly apologized for that. This makes me so angry, she should be ashamed of herself for spreading these horrible lies about him.

And you should see the comments that people posted in the comment section of Applequestria's video. People are falling for this fake and photoshopped video, this lie, and they mock, ridicule and insult Prince Sidon in the comment section of Applequestria's video (some of these cruel and nasty people even questioned or attacked Prince Sidon's manhood/manliness) and crap all over him. :mad:

They post comments such as:

(Quote) "For a guy that defeated a gigantic octoroc by stabbing it repeatedly inside it's stomach he sure went down easily." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Can help Link to fight a Divine Beast but gets knocked by one Moblin." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Holy crap the Moblin knocked him out so easy!" (Unquote)

(Quote) "Sidon just laying there... sleeping like a baby..." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Sidon - "I‘m meeting my sister now. No one can wake me up, especially Link."" (Unquote)

(Quote) "Sidon is ridiculous and deserves punishment. He smells kinda fishy." (Unquote)

(Quote) "HAHAHA" (Unquote)

(Quote) "For a big manly guy, he sure did faint so sweetly. Went out and got up like a Disney princess." (Unquote)


(Quote) "Sidon must be part clam with how fast he clutched his pearls." (Unquote)

(Quote) "If this is Sidon in tears of the kingdom, then good luck on protecting Zora’s domain." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Sidon: "I am strong and powerful!" (Moblin spears him) Sidon: "Ugghh...On second thought...You take care of it....Link. Ohhh." Link: (Rolls eyes)" (Unquote)

(Quote) "I hope this isn't an indicator of his health bar in Tears of the Kingdom." (Unquote)

(Quote) "He’s going to get his revenge in the sequel, lol." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Amazing almost 7 years of this and I just find out Sidon has the ability to get knocked out." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Lmfao at the way he gets up all drunk asf." (Unquote)

(Quote) "They showed sidon fighting alongside us in TOTK, but after watching this... maaan aint nobody choosing my man if he was slept that easily by a red moblin." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Lets hope he doesn't go down like that in totk, man better hit the gym before that whole shabang takes place." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Well at least in totk he carries a trident." (Unquote)

(Quote) "This is canon now." (Unquote)

(Quote) "I just got this recommendedafter watching the trailer where Sidon is supposed to help you, I hope Sidon to not be that weak." (Unquote)

(Quote) "I doubt Sidon will stand completely still and ignore a Moblin attacking him in totk, and faint at the first hit, and from a red moblin too." (Unquote)

(Quote) "This is the future king of zora's domain and the sage of water, everyone, lol." (Unquote)

(Quote) "So much for the heir of Zora. Lol." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Kind of a punk way to go down for someone who speared his way out of a giant octorok's stomach." (Unquote)

(Quote) "The power scaling is all over the place." (Unquote)

(Quote) "At least in totk he can fight LMAO." (Unquote)

(Quote) "One hit wonder- let's appreciate the slow fall." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Ladies and gentlemen: the pride of the zora." (Unquote)

(Quote) "And he’s gonna help Link fight in the next game?" (Unquote)

(Quote) "It took him SO LONG to get up, Jesus Christ..." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Pretty sure this is a "bug", this is the exact same animation used by normal travelers when they get hit by an enemy." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Lol the dizzy effect doesn’t really match the style of the game." (Unquote)

(Quote) "So this is the future Zora's King?" (Unquote)

(Quote) "When people thought he was strong he got killed by LvL 1 low rank bad weapon spear moblin." (Unquote)

(Quote) "He's supposed to be strong but he lost to a RED moblin?" (Unquote)

(Quote) "I didn't even know he had a knocked out animation." (Unquote)

(Quote) "This guy is supposed to be the Sage of Water?" (Unquote)

(Quote) "Somebody so legendary went down to somebody so not legendary in 1 hit at that, lol." (Unquote)

(Unquote) "This does not bode well for his usefulness in TOTK." (Unquote)

(Unquote) "Good night, sweet prince. Erm, literally in this case." (Unquote)
(Quote) "Lmao." (Unquote)

(Quote) "These are supposed to be the new champions? Even worse: sages? That’s just sad..." (Unquote)

(Quote) "So weak, lol." (Unquote)

(Quote) "Shame, Sidon, you're a shame." (Unquote)

I don't need to tell you how angry I am right now, TheGreatCthulhu. I wish I could give these people a piece of my mind. :mad:

To all the people reading this: If you want to sully Prince Sidon's name and heroic reputation, spread lies about him, mock him, ridicule him, insult him, crap all over him and attack his manhood/manliness, you'll have me to deal with, I ain't scared of you and I'll fight you all (well I'll fight those of you who aren't cowards anyway), he's awesome, beautiful and heroic, he doesn't deserve this and I'm not gonna let people crap all over him like this, get your boxing gloves, you're gonna need them. :ananger:

(((((See Prince Sidon and goes into Mama bear protective mode overdrive))))) :ananger::eyes:

This is a weirdly specific thing to make your blood boil.

You're letting internet trolls and pranksters get the best of you.

Like, I like Prince Sidon too, but I think the character speaks for himself, and doesn't need ardent defenders. Not everyone's going to like what you like, or agree with you, and that's okay.

If we actually look at the numbers, statistically, Sidon's one of the most popular characters in the Zelda franchise. Most people like him, so these people are just saying these things just to get a rise out of people.

Also, you can have a sense of humor about the things you like too. It can't hurt. I called Sidon "Shark Boy" before I saw his name show up on screen.

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very distracted. found a new channel and a whole lot of werewolve (mafia) content to go through. just registered board game arena permium (big mistake). broken ankle and i had to work from home.
i am ultra unproductive and all i can think of is that i am tanishing the trust given me from my boss : (


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Nov 24, 2012
My school district forced my partner teacher to quit because she stood against their horrible politics, and I'm upset about that. Part of the reason I decided to stay at my current location was because we had such a great team dynamic, and they just changed it up last minute on us.

I am excited to work with the new history teacher replacing her, but this is her first year teaching and I'm now the guy who has to take the reins for all 6th grade history (:


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This is probably dumb but Godzilla: Minus One is finally coming to theaters and I'm really dissapointed I won't be able to see it. Me and my dad were looking forward to going for months now, if I remember right it's the first Toho Godzilla film since Shin Godzilla. Idk when or if it's getting an American DVD release.

*M i d n a*

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Aug 18, 2009
I've been sad since last sunday knowing Buffalo Bills have their bye week this week, so no Bills football till next week.

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Oct 9, 2023
I've seen so many cat pictures and gif randomly on Discord today, that looks so similar to two of my recently deceased cats. And now I'm looking back at those memories with them.

Stray the Witch

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Oct 9, 2023
Lost a friend, but gained like 10 more. Unfortunately, I have no way to talk to that friend I lost. They made sure of it.

Stray the Witch

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Oct 9, 2023
This is an unusual sad moment. I got second place in a server I'm in on Discord. The sad part comes in the it was only because the second place holder at the time was on break, due to personal life reasons. Which makes it a bittersweet victory, and I honestly wish they were there to defend their title.

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