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What Made You Happy Today?


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Finally got something to read at night, got some lds youth magazines at church, a whole stack of them, and reading them at night is such a blessing, they give me peace a love when I read them :)

And we just got hoopla and borrowed a warriors book I’ve been wanting to read, and I’m enjoying it so much!! ❤️


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Aug 16, 2019
It has been really arid for about months but around 1630hrs today, I smelled soil! And soon after there was a slight drizzle. Surprisingly it started to pour down heavily.
The virus might be less infectious in humid conditions!:lemmy::lemmy::wynaut::wynaut::wynaut:


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Apr 8, 2019
White Moth Black Butterfly working on a new album!! They were the band I was listening to when I joined ZD so I associate them with ZD a lot so they mean a lot to me. Atone was fantastic and I hope they can keep the trajectory going.

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