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What Made You Happy Today?



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Apr 12, 2021
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Technically this was yesterday, but I had a huge party for my bday last night at my church!! (It wasn't for my bday but it happened to be on it.) The entire worship team and production (my church family!!!) sang for me and gave me this little cake, right? Then, the pastor called me up right before the sermon and everyone in the church sang for me! It was so crazy! I love my church family so much.

The Dashing Darknut

DD, the dashing one
Jul 7, 2021
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Realizing how much people around me do really care about me, and me realizing that people in my life give me so much support, I feel braver, because I have felt afraid of talking to my parents because they can be close minded at times, but understanding their side of things and then giving me courage and making me feel better, abs that they like me get overreactive because they too are stressed. I don’t feel afraid anymore about talking to them, even though I still disagree with them on some things, they were really understanding, and they said “if we’re doing anything wrong as parents, ask, because we want to help you” and it really got to me. And it reminds me of all the great times I had with them as a young kid. I’m so glad I have them, and it makes me realize sometimes I worry too much about what others say or what others think about me.


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Was out shopping with my parents today and we went to Marshall's. My mom led me to the aisle with the markers and said I could pick out any 2 packs of Copic markers I like as a birthday gift (my birthday is in a couple weeks). I got a set of skin tones plus some reds/blues/yellows, I'm so excited to try them out!


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I finally got my results back for the N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test I sat in December and I passed! After having passed the next level below that (N3) six months earlier I just went for it and hardly did any specific preparation to feel out my actual ability.

It was very a "girigiri pass" (meaning it was barley a pass), but at least a pass is a pass and I am certified now since that will make it much easier to find a job relating to Japan in the future. I'll spend this year studying up and hopefully sit the highest N1 level in December.

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