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What Made You Happy Today?


Mar 8, 2023
The sun and the warmth is back after some grey days. And it's not just daytime; I always forget how nice spring evenings are. Also I'm pretty sure I saw a bat.
Took an incredible photograph today of a juvenile male mayfly and his seven eyes. Male mayflies got eyes on their eyes
Mar 20, 2023
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What made me happy today was getting started on reading this book ("The devil's due, A Sherlock Holmes adventure book 3" by Bonnie Macbird):


"After Art in the Blood and Unquiet Spirits, Holmes and Watson are back in the third of Bonnie MacBird’s critically acclaimed Sherlock Holmes Adventures, written in the tradition of Conan Doyle himself.

It’s 1890 and the newly famous Sherlock Holmes faces his worst adversary to date – a diabolical villain bent on destroying some of London’s most admired public figures in particularly gruesome ways. A further puzzle is that suicide closely attends each of the murders. As he tracks the killer through vast and seething London, Holmes finds himself battling both an envious Scotland Yard and a critical press as he follows a complex trail from performers to princes, anarchists to aesthetes. But when his brother Mycroft disappears, apparently the victim of murder, even those loyal to Holmes begin to wonder how close to the flames he has travelled. Has Sherlock Holmes himself made a deal with the devil?"

This makes me happy. There's nothing like sitting down on the couch with a blanket and reading a good Sherlock Holmes novel. I'm reading this one for a reading challenge (I'm participating in a reading challenge on some website I'm a member of). I'm reading 3 books every month for a grand total of 36 books over the year. And I'm on my third book for the month of April.

I started reading the first chapter of "The devil's due" and I was hooked from the beginning (it's often the case when I'm reading a Sherlock Holmes novel). I had already read the first two installments ("Art in the blood" and "Unquiet spirits: Whisky, ghosts, murder") and now I'm reading the third one ("The devil's due"). There's a fourth one entitled "The three locks" and a fifth one entitled "What child is this?" which I put on my reading list. I have all five of them on my personal bookshelf. They're all by the same author, Bonnie Macbird. She's always been a huge fan of Sherlock. She read all 60 original Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan-Doyle when she was only 10 and she wrote her own Sherlock Holmes series.

Those interviews with author Bonnie Macbird made me want to read the whole series:


When I'm reading Sherlock Holmes novels, I love having this ambience in the background:


This book put a smile on my face today...

A shout-out to my fellow Holmesians.

I wish you all ZD folks a nice evening.

Take care,



The flow of time do be cruel like that
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My mom is on vacation in Rhode Island for a few days and I've made it my mission to surprise her by cleaning out her craft corner while she's away. Lemme tell you... it's no easy task. There's like a million containers and a million drawers filled with things and then blocking off the entire corners is a tower of boxes and bags filled with miscellaneous hobby lobby purchases. Pretty sure I opened like 20 boxes that were all just card making material. I'm determined though, I have a friend coming Saturday to help me out. Hoping I can finish it all before she gets back that evening :sweating:
Guys it was so, so worth it. It took me so many hours but I managed to get the mountain of stuff sorted and put away. My mom walked right past it lIke EIGHT TIMES but then she finally did a double take and went "OH MY GOD!?!"

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