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What Made You Happy Today?


The one and only.
Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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Oh man, where to start. I've sorta mentioned that my family has been staying with some extended family while my dad looks for where God wants him to serve. Well we've been decided for a month or so that He wants us in the area south of Houston, so we've been looking for a house. That was quite the ordeal, but we finally found one a week or so ago, and so over the weekend we loaded up our stuff from storage and today we drove there, and that was a lot of fun because I got to drive, I love driving, plus I had my brother with me and we had a great time. And now we're in a house with our stuff and figuring out what's gonna go where, we're gonna have a room for the older kids to hang out and it'll have the Switch and Wii U and it already had shelves and me and my brother are gonna put our collections on them. I'm just the happiest I've been in a while because while it was great getting to live with family, these past 5 months have not been a good place for me mentally. I knew the future was bright, but it's better than I expected.

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