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What Made You Happy Today?

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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Had a little vacation day today by going to my aunt's house and having a barbecue and going swimming in her pool. Ate some burgers, king crab legs, and salmon fillets after spending over an hour in the water. Also got to pet a really cuddly cat named Mittens. I'm really happy I got to do that before going back to work on Monday. Nice end to summer break.
Jul 22, 2021
What makes happy.

Not watchin any national tv news like CNN or Fox News. Been watching my Saw movie marathon. also enjoying the nice cool weather thats 70something.

Plus im going out to eat later tonight


Apr 16, 2021
Lots of things! Went to Walmart and bought some colored pencils for a drawing I'm working on, and worked more on that drawing (my best one ever, methinks). Also went into Mcdonalds with my Zelda shirt on and a guy there showed me a GBA emulator you can download on a phone! AND my dad gave my electronics back, so I can finish my OC reference sheet before school on Monday (the furry girl said she would draw me something so I want to have it ready when I see her again). ^_^

Hylian Viking

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Jun 23, 2020
North Carolina
I was browsing my facebook and I came across this one irrelevant ad, which seems to be really constant nowadays, It was for a septic service, but what made me laugh at it was just how crappy it was, no really it looked worse than those low budget commercials for a used car lot you sometimes see on TV. Now I know that Ads these days are full of crap as much as they help you find guys to remove it.


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Today was a bit of a frustrating day at work because so many of the things I was testing were not up to scratch and had to be sent back to the developers to be fixed, meaning we had to delay our scheduled deployment. Despite this I feel pretty satisfied in that I am doing my work well and preventing major site-breaking issues and bugs that others have missed before they actually go live and all hell breaks loose.

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