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What Made You Happy Today?

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I got to interview my good friend, and former editor, Cuccolover. She recently re-launched her YouTube channel to create Zelda theories, while in the meantime working on an animation series that she has been trying to lift off for awhile. The post will go live tomorrow morning at 8 am EST. I'm really happy with the result of the interview because I had no question prompts going in so I literally winged the whole thing, lol. I suppose it was so easy because she is a good friend.

Hylian Viking

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Jun 23, 2020
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I finally defeated Skaldera in Skyward Sword HD Now you might be thinking why is this worth announcing my answer is: I was playing on the Switch Lite and the button-only gameplay has a slight flaw the button for using a dungeon item is the same button as the item select button. So nine times out of ten I would think I had bombs, only to find out I had something that was not bombs and using it to no effect and quickly dying because I had the wrong item equipped. This led to some hilarious but eventually irritatingly embarrassing :cucco: ups.
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20 inch furret on his way to my house (shipping notifcation came in and made my day)

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