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What Made You Happy Today?

Princess Niki

Staff member
Aug 27, 2011
Getting to watch Sailor Moon Crystal Eternal with my best friend. :pikalove:

We have not hung out since March 2020 so it was great to hang and watch anime again together. She is the one that introduced us to Sailor Moon by bringing the VHS tape to my house from Blockbuster.


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I reached the half-way mark of remembering the kanji volume 1 today (1100/2200 Kanji character meanings learned). I started the book two months ago and have been doing at least an hour of learning and spaced repetition daily so I am making pretty decent pace. The book only teaches the meanings and the way of writing them without focusing on how to read them (which is what volume two is for) but given I already know a lot from my studies through other methods this is a great way to fill in gaps and actually remember how to write them by hand more easily.


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Apr 12, 2021
In your head, in your head. Zombie zombie zombie.
I found a whole bunch of really cool pokemon cards while going through my closet: (@Chevywolf30 because you like this stuff, if I'm not mistaken. And @Link&Midna because I think you like Pokemon, too?)

2 Zygarde 50 cells
1 Zygarde 10 cells
1 Actually Good Mew
1 Not so Good Mew
1 Yveltal

And that's the least of it!

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My chess set arrived! Besides finally having it, what made me happy was how fast it got to me. It said I should wait between 8 business days for it to arrive, and I bought it back on Sunday, and it's already here. I'm super impressed by how speedy that was. I guess it is due largely to the fact that it was sent here from Nashville, TN which isn't very far. I can't wait until I can get off work and get back home to open the package!!

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