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What Made You Happy Today?


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Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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Being productive! Got unpacked, did 2 entries in my NASCAR blog, AND drove the family's 15 passenger van across the neighborhood to drop off Phil at a yard he was mowing so mom didn't have to stop what she was doing. Also my dad's mom and stepdad are in town and they got a new dog and didn't tell us so that's a pleasant surprise.
May 25, 2021
My friend had gifted me two cactus plants (probably 6-7 months back) which I hardly took care of. The plants were almost dead, and I left them on an unused balcony to the mercy of nature. Today, I happened to go to the balcony and observe these plants to have completely rejuvenated. The cactus has grown big and there's a third offshoot that's springing as well. It was bliss!:pikalove:


Apr 16, 2021
Playing Smash in arena with someone as opposed to quickplay. I don't do that very often and I think it's more fun when you know who you're playing with. Also the current tourney event is really fun, I oughta start trying em more often! I normally just stick to the regular stuff.

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