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General Zelda What is your least favorite item?


The Diplomatic Dinosaur
Jul 1, 2012
Early Cretaceous North America
I am not sure at the moment, but many of the Items in TP come to mind. Not because any of them were "Bad" but because so many were so misutilized/underutilized, as ideas they were very good.


And now.. That imp has it
Nov 4, 2013
Farore's Wind from OoT was pretty useless for me. Never used it in any dungeon. Might have come in handy once or twice I guess, but still I never used it. Pictograph boxs from MM was also pretty useless except for the boat tours. In WW I never got to use the Tingle Tuner (no GBA unfortunately :() so that was pretty useless. Never ended up using the telescope much as well. When I thought I saw something interesting I just sailed straight at it. Have to agree with you guys with the Dominion Rod in TP. Boring item.

Hard to pick one, but guess I'd have to say the telescope in WW.


Will play for rupees
Mar 12, 2014
Behind you!
Mmmm forgot about the pictobox. There was almost no point to it in MM. Did it help you get a mask? I can't remember. In WW I never bothered with the pictures or the statue collecting. And you really didn't miss out on the tingle tuner, it really didn't add much to the gameplay.


Rock and roll will never die
Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
Deku Nuts.
Did anyone seriously use those things? I always had a full stack to be honest :/

If you remember you have them they're very useful.

I always disliked the boomerang, in any game, but OoT stands out. It was hard to aim for stuff especially moving targets, and in general I would avoid using it. The hookshot is a blessing as an adult.


the shadow mage
Mar 6, 2011
I believe that is dislike Deku sticks is OoT and MM. I didn't like any of the puzzles used with them or the fact they broke in 1 hit.


i got bored and posted something
Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
THe slingshot specifically from TP. Even in the first few dungeons, it is completely useless besides mildly stunning enemies. Why can't it hurt anything or take anything out that isn't a Keese? I suppose it was just weird how weak it got even though there should be MORE power put behind it when you're a somewhat adult opposed to when you're a child, and yet its a weaker item. Just didn't seem to make sense.

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