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What games have your favorite art styles?


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Jun 16, 2020
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With the countless video games that are released, there are just as many art styles for each and every one of them. Some similar to each other, while others are very distinct from one another, including everything from the most photorealistic experiences to vivid cartoon-like cel-shading.

For me, the first games to come to mind when I think of art styles I appreciate the most are Wind Waker, Radiant Dawn, Rune Factory, and Trails in the Sky (the portraits especially). Although I'm quite fond of others as well, like those in the Tales of series and pixel art in general.

So, which games feature your favorite art styles?

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Dec 2, 2012
Super Mario Sunshine is a game that I have always appreciated for its gorgeous artstyle. The water textures are great and hold up to this day, and game as a whole does a fantastic job capturing the Tropical Island vibe. I think this game was slightly ahead of its time and looks amazing.

Breath of the Wild does and probably forever will look amazing.

Borderlands has a unique style that I instantly fell in love with when I first played the game. Looks like a graphic novel come to life and I think it's great.


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May 5, 2012
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At the risk of repeatedly talking about favorite games, Xenoblade, but specifically the original. I REALLY did not like the cheap, generic anime look of 2, and I wasn't a fan of how Xenoblade DE's artstyle changed to fall closer in line to that, I have a big soft spot for that mid 2000s PS2 era look

and the medieval fantasy style that we see in stuff like OoT/MM, Final Fantasy 9, The Last Story, Fire Emblem games to an extent; even if they lean on the dreary side a bit like in Twilight Princess or Vagrant Story

I also really love it when platformers are able to have a vivid, colorful, cartoony artstyle, like in the PS1 Spyro games, Ape Escape, Klonoa, or Sonic Unleashed & Generations
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any pixel art styled game that isn't too minimalist will make me fall in love instantly
stuff with a dreamy/surreal and cozy vibe will do the same, I just can't look at something with zephyo's art or something and not want to play immediately even knowing the game might be disappointing

mixing traditional art in games is usually really neat too, some styles more appealing than other of course but it's usually a ton of effort that makes the experience really get that wow factor or downright comical

cel shading used to make stuff look 2D (yes I'm looking at you literally any modern arcsys fighting game) or toonish or just have some good ass personality (bless okami and UMvC3) is great when properly done too

I really like rotoscoping when it's not being used trying to be realistic cuz it usually falls into uncanny valley (Like **** can we appreciate Hotel Dusk here? I love how that game portraits move so ****ing MUCH)

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Aug 31, 2014
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Out of all the Zelda games, the one that has my favorite art style is Breath of the Wild. It combines Wind Waker's and Twilight Princess's art styles in the perfect blend. It has WW bright colors and cel-shading, and it also has TP's realistic look. It's simply beautiful.

I love pixel art styles. There's something about them that draws me in. Super Mario World and Pokémon SoulSilver are so charming and cozy feeling. Pokémon are especially cute in the pixel style. I kinda like pixel more than the newer look of Pokémon honestly.

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