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Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

Mar 10, 2012
Needed a more interactive overworld to explore. There was really nothing to really do or go other than Skyloft and that island with the pumpkins.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
I really wanted good reason to return to provinces, primarily by sidequests and less linearity. Also, I felt that there should at least be some sort of surface connection to the regions instead of having to go by sky.


work a bit more on the motion controls, more exploration you repeatedly return to a same place often and made puzzle a little more hard


I think the game needed more exploration, such as the islands in the sky


Well, the difficulty of the game, in my opinion, was easy. They could have improved that and the motion controls.


yup i agree with pretty much everything on here. i guess ill share my thoughts. sorry if some of it has already been mentioned. 1. Lack of exploration. Most all the previous titles made u feel like you were actually on an adventure. My two favorites for zeldas charismatic adventuring being that of OoT and TP. SS lacked that charisma entirely. OoT and Tp actually seemed like real places and the dungeons were in believable places among the general population. It frlt like you wre in a real world, even if backstory wad lacking it mostly went unspoken. unlike SS where everything we know of the people has to be told to us. rather than previous titles where u just enjoy the idea of people living in their little towns/villages and dont have to question it. not sure if that made sense or noy. 2. I cant believe you never actually meet the goron tribes village/town or whatever. Im happy i atleast saw a couple gorons but i assumed i would eventually come to a village of gorons in my adventure, or lackthere of. gorons are my favorite race, so that just sucked. 3. This is a little over the top, but i wish they wouldnt have removed the whole human race from the land below. i realize this plays a vital role in the story but i feel that kinda made it difficult to be creative when soley relying on the other races with no towns or anything. not to mention they really didnt capitalize on the other races from previous or even the new ones. it was just dry in my opinion. though i will say that they had some good human characters and the chemistry between link and zelda was refreshing since it was a major void in past titles. 4. As amazing as the controls were, i feel it limited the potential of the game. sometimes it was a fair trade off but other times it was just sad that it seemed to be the cause for such linear gameplay. 5. Hated that i didnt get the hylian shield til the game was practicslly over. but i can live with that. 6. idk, theres more. but i dont want to be to hard on the game. lastly, i justt thought that other games ended much more, even though i hate this overused word, "epicly". i loved the awesome ending wear your hearts racing and everything comes to a peak. just didnt seem that way in SS. TP gets a bad wrap tho, it was a lot better than SS in MY opinion. like ive said before, TP was a lot more like OoT than any title since. yet everyone still hates it. tho dont get me wrong, it wasnt flawless. oh! and snow. i wish SS had snow...

wow, sorry for the terrible spelling and grammar. im on an ipod and turned auto correct off cause it always assumes the wrong words. plus i suck at typing on this damn thing
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Apr 12, 2012
ya i was really mad about having six hearts and it being so small because i love big worlds and also they need a snow/ice place

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