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What Do You Look for in a Male/Female?

Johnny Sooshi

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Nov 1, 2011
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Looks: I'm not super picky, but I will say looks play into it. I like girls with black hair or red hair the most (striking red really), but any color will do. Type doesn't matter too much. I like girls who are around my height, or slightly shorter than me. However, I will say that glasses are a definite turn on for me. Not sure why, but I think women look really cute in them.

Personality: Someone as quirky, interesting, or random as me. I'm easily bored with things so they've gotta accomodate the fact that my ADD will get the best of me every once in a while. Also has to be open sexually, if it goes that far, cause I have my own "interests" when it comes to the bedroom. Other than that, smart, funny, and a side of mystery are always nice.


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May 26, 2010
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Cute and large personalities, good hygiene (thanks @ Wolf), robust vocabulary and good grades are all that I look for in a female...I could go in depth but it'd be waste of your time.
LOOKS: For me, I'd like a female with at least a little Japanese in her. As for Makeup/jewelery, I don't mind it but for me there is a such thing as "too much"(unless she wishes to show a little "Geisha" for me.) as for height and weight, as long as she's around my height and thin(not pencil thin.)

PERSONALITY: I want someone that has similar interests as I do(gaming, reading, music etc.) because I get bored easily when I don't know what to say or how to respond to something.


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Aug 1, 2012
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I don't really care about looks that much. I at least have to be attracted to her in some way.

I like girls that are really sweet. Girls that make me feel like my life is actually worth something. They also have to know what sarcasm is.


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Dec 17, 2012
For me the most important considerations above all others are self confidence and a strong sense of personal identity. Second, I have to see them as a friend. My wife was my best friend even before we started dating (see? It can happen. ****, you Friendzone). Similar values and interests are also necessary.

Also, a killer pair of legs that look good in boots and a skirt don't go unnoticed.


Jul 2, 2010
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For looks, I'm not all that picky, but I like a girl who is slim or average (And overall beautiful.), with brown or black-ish hair. With personality, I like girls who are interested in Video games as much as I am, and maybe interesting in nerd stuff like manga/anime (Imma Hardcore gamer). And I appreciate a good fashion sense, with nothing too revealing and sexy, and yet nothing too boring and bland (I like hats, I really do). I like a girl who'd appreciate who I am, with my awkward personality and all. And I like a girl who is independent and has her own unique personality.
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Dec 3, 2008
1. Has to be kawaii (this is REALLY important, i will not date a girl who isn't at least as kawaii as me)
2. Needs to respect my waifu and her feelings
3. Must allow me to open credit cards in her name without having to tell her what they're for
4. needs to have long hair (don't want to date someone who looks like a guy <_<)
5. Must allow me to store odd trinkets that I find on the ground in her purse

That's basically it.


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Jul 1, 2012
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Naturally, how a girl looks is important to me. I'm not sure how picky I am, but I don't think I'm too picky. Preferred hair colours would be red, blond or brown (red or blond mostly). Hair stile just needs to suite them, long hair better than short I think. Regarding height if she's a little taller than me I don't care, but my size or smaller is preferred. Preferably someone who is in shape. To attempt at a description of facial features, eyes should be interesting and the colour dose not mater, but blue would mach my eyes. The overall face should be pretty interesting or unique would be preferred but as long as its not too generic its fine.

Now for personality, for this I will make an unstructured list of things:
-nonreligious preferably, but I would settle for some one religious as long as they respected that I was an atheist
-having an interest in science, biology in general or paleontology would be even better
-a love for animals
-loves video games and other nerdy things
-a sense of hummer
-generally friendly
-Last since I have a "learning disability" finding some one with a learning disability would be help full because she would be more likely to be able to tolerate mine. This is would be difficult because there are many fewer learning disabled girls than guys.


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Mar 16, 2012
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Hmmm this is an interesting question. I'm assuming you mean as a friend and as a love interest.

Personality wise, I like someone who isn't too serious. They can laugh off embarrassing moments & make laughs. So, one of the most important characteristics for me is a sense of humor. Another thing is a they should share an interest in the same hobby, whether it be music, videogames, or any other hobby or subject I'm too lazy to put down. That being said, they shouldn't be exactly like me; I would rather them to be unique. I think I'm pretty cheerful & energetic, so it would be fun to have someone who could be on the same energy level.I'm very peaceful & tend to avoid trouble as much as possible, even when I'm furious, so I wouldn't want an aggressive person. Lastly, they should be mannerly. I don't mean holding the door or talking like they do in the middle age to royalty; I mean not throwing a tantrum when they're mad or saying excuse me when you're in someone's way or burping etc.

I'm not at all picky when it come to visual looks for friends. For a love interest, he just has to look decently cute. Enough to look at and say "hmm not bad". I'd like to have a guy with hair preferably a ginger, not shaved or braided; enough to comb/brush through. They should dress normally, shirt on their chest, pants on their legs (not their knees. I hate it when guys have their pants sagging down like that). I really don't care about height. In fact, I'm more worried about how tall a guy is than how short a guy is. I would like for this guy to also be at least 2-3 years around my age, both younger & older, although I prefer to be a few month within the same age. I don't like overly muscular guys & would rather have a regular looking guy.
Apr 16, 2010
Looks: I'll admit that looks are very important to me. The girl has to be pretty and in good shape. I typically prefer brown or blonde hair, but black hair can be equally attractive and red hair is attractive occasionally. A nice butt and boobs are definitely a plus, and the girls I like almost always have at least one of the two unless they're seriously beautiful. I like girls who wear some make-up, but not so much that it looks fake.

Personality: A girl definitely has to be nice and have a good sense of humor. The more intelligence the better, but as long as she is relatively smart, it's okay. It'd be nice if she likes most of the things I do - music, movies, books, games, etc. - but I'm pretty flexible in that realm as long as we can find some common ground.


Oct 24, 2012
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The bigger the better! wait... no, let's go another way with this...

Well, I enjoy having conversation partners who don't go all vacant when you try to speak to them in any matter more intelligent than the level of conversation fit for a housepet... but that's true for just about anyone. Looks will get one's attention but I don't expect every woman to be supermodel material... just not slobby, because that does say something about their character if you cannot be arsed to look half way decent. And yes that also applies to women who try to overcompensate.

But my most enjoyable partners are the ones I can talk with and converse with. Sharing interests is important, sure, but enjoying each others company with stimulating conversation is key in my book. Of course, to me honesty is important in any relationship, especially the romantic kind.

Understanding is key. If we cannot understand each other then romances just don't work.


Jan 26, 2013
Subject to change, but currently I theoretically look for someone that I can befriend for >= 6 Months before even considering anything.
But otherwise
Similar interests, such as Zelda
Undemanding and understanding
Not too particular on looks, but still not everyone would work.
That's about it.

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