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Game Thread Welcome, to Bok-Chan-Samas School for Anime Boys

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  1. You must always refer to your headmaster as "Bok-Chan-Sama," "Bok of the Wild-Chan-Sama" or "Sensei-Chan-Sama."
  2. All regular mafia rules apply
  3. Do no edit or delete posts
  4. Do not use role pms as evidence
  5. Do not communicate outside of the game unless it is where your headmaster has specified.
  6. Please bold votes and have them on a separate line
  7. Attendance is important! Therefore a minimum of 3 posts is required per game day. Being so caught up in what you were doing is no excuse to forget all about class
  8. Role claiming is allowed
  9. Name/series claiming is under no circumstances allowed. This includes subtle hints that allude to who you are or what series you may be from
  10. Panty claiming is not allowed
  11. Day cycles will be 72 hours long and nights 24
  12. Extensions will not be granted
  13. A tie will result in a random lynch between the tied players
  14. A player cannot be lynched from a single vote
  15. Votes in lylo are locked. A reminder will be posted when the game is in this stage.
  16. While not a rule, the flavour is mostly for comedic purposes and should not be taken seriously or used as evidence.
  17. Under no circumstances are any girls, drawing of girls or depictions of girls allowed in this school at any time. Pictures of boys are fine, in fact you can even post pictures of them when you're all supposed to be in bed! But girls are strictly prohibited. Since you're here to learn and may not know the difference between the two I've provided an example of each below. I've put the girl in a spoiler tag as it is quite a scandalous sight to behold. I strongly advise you not to look at it if you cannot control your more "primal desires." If you do look, please limit yourself to no more than 4 seconds.

The handsome specimen you see above is what we call a boy. You may post pictures of these to your hearts content.


Don't let her sacriligious figure steer your mind from the pursuit of pure and innocent knowledge! Under no circumstances may you post more of her kind in here. Failure to follow any of the rules listed above will result in explusion.

Setup Information

The original setup is as follows:
9 Vanilla Townies
2 Mafia Goons
1 Mafia Traitor (1 shot bulletproof)

Prior to the game the two goons were given the option to choose up to three of these powers.
  • Bulletproof
  • Role Cop
  • JOAT (1 shot Strongman, 1 shot Ninja)
  • Daytalk (passive ability)
  • Recruit Traitor as Mafia Goon
For every power the mafia chooses the town gets a power from the list below plus an additional two powers. (Ex. If the mafia selected two powers the town receives to total of 4 powers).
  • Goon Cop
  • Roleblocker
  • Tracker
  • Bodyguard
  • Vigilante
  • Innocent Child (revealed at start of day one)
Powers are distributed randomly. No player can get more than 1 power. The mafia traitor cannot receive a power unless he is recruited. Also if the traitor is recruited he loses his one shot bulletproof ability.

Player List:

The Enrolled (12)
  1. @A Link In Time
  2. @DekuNut
  3. @EMIYA Shirou
  4. @funnier6
  5. @Jamie
  6. @Jimmu
  7. @Libk Replace by @Storm
  8. @Mellow Ezlo
  9. @Mido
  10. @Minish_Link The Innocent Child
  11. @Pendio
  12. @Zachie
The Expelled (0)

With 12 alive it takes 7 to majority. The day will end Wednesday 10pm EST.
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