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VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 500!

When did you join/find ZeldaDungeon?

  • 2001-2003

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2004-2006

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2007-2009

    Votes: 5 20.0%
  • 2010-2012

    Votes: 5 20.0%
  • 2013-2015

    Votes: 3 12.0%
  • 2016-2018

    Votes: 2 8.0%
  • 2019-2021

    Votes: 13 52.0%
  • 2022

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


The Destructive One
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Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
Last week's Question: If instruments truly returned to the series (like in OoT/MM/WW/ST), which would you like to see? An old favorite making a comeback, or something completely new?

Third Place: Draw between "Drums" and "Pan Flute" (7.7% each)
Second Place: Ocarina (23.1%)
First Place: Something New (61.5%)

A big majority of the people wants to see a completely new type of instrument, should instruments return to Zelda. The ocarina still gets a little bit of love though! But now, for the big 500!
This is the 500th Weekly Sunday Poll that I'm doing!!! I've been doing these for almost 10 years here on ZD! 10 YEARS! As you might be able to guess, it's getting more and more difficult coming up with topics each week. Many polls (not counting the retro polls) I've probably done more than once, but I simply don't remember doing them before. But that doesn't matter too much, as it's been a long time inbetween them and the people here on the forums have slightly changed over the years as well.
I'd like to thank everyone who has ever participated in these polls, either by posting or just voting. It's always fun to see peoples opinions on random little topics!

So to celebrate this 500th poll, I'm doing a topic that I know for sure that I've done before, but it's very fitting for the occasion!

This week's question: When did you join/find ZeldaDungeon?


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I found ZD around 2007 for the walkthroughs, and frequently kept up with the frontpage to get Zelda news. I actually registered for the Forums in 2010 originally, around the timeframe of E3, but I forgot my password, as well as the info to the original email I linked the account to (because it was just an old yahoo email my cousin set up for me that I never really cared about).

Anyway, I joined again in 2011 and have stuck around since.
May 25, 2008
In my house
I can't believe the 2007-2009 is actually the highest count at the moment, followed by 2019-2021.

I first looked at ZD sometime in late 2007, but didn't join until 2008. I've existed in various capacities since then...editing guides, converting old site content, all 10 marathons, general talk on discord, the forums. I'm surprised the forums still exist - I only lasted here from 2008 to 2013 and was thinking 5 years ago that they were at end times.

I don't have as much time for the site as I used to, but it's been a major part of my life for 14 years now.
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Oct 2, 2021
I listened to the champions cast. They say Zeldadungeon.net a lot, so I went there In mid 2021 and after a bug, and not being sent a confirmation email from ZU, i did not think ZD had a forum, searched Zelda forums, then went "oh wait this website has a forum, i will join now."
Jan 11, 2021
January 2021 I began writing my BotW treatment and started doing Zelda theory. I realized I was a timeline linearist because of the old old timeline theories from the forum. Thought I should join.


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Wow, there's a lot of newbies here! That includes myself, of course. I found ZD in 2021, and joined like five seconds after discovering it. I was actively searching for a forum site at the time to post my malice theory (which I love and will be my forever favorite masterpiece). Tried to join ZU, couldn't figure out how so I went searching and ended up here! Not a bad conclusion, methinks.

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