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OoT-3DS URA Zelda for DLC - What is Your Thought on This.

Apr 4, 2011
Great Bend Kansas
Okay... Before you think anything. NO Nintendo did Not announce URA Zelda for DLC.

This Idea hit me while I was over thinking things... (as I always do) And I thought...
"The Nintendo 3DS is getting DLC abilities. So What IF Ura Zelda was made for DLC... Elick you may be on to something!"

Okay so Ura Zelda... With DLC in play, Nintendo Can you know Revive the Project! Well maybe... Anyway.

So Operation Moonfall is going well from what I hear... but MM3D is going to take a bit, And I wasted $35 on Ocarina of Time... AGAIN!!!!
And now I'm stuck with a game that I played to death... And since GAMES came out on the 3DS, OOT place on it is... well not needed anymore...
So how do I fix this?
1. I can sell it and get another game... No that won't work...
2. Beg Nintendo for an Official DLC for the game, while the sit laughing on there mounds of money.
3. Or I can just live with my issue, and Think about how much Money Nintendo is printing right now...

I think I want to go with Number 2. So... Do YOU Guys want to see some New Content on a game that you already bought 6 times?
Or do you Think you should live knowing that you used $35 on an Old game that was just remade?

As for me, I'll will not stand for it! Now if you excuse me! I'm going to play some Cave Story 3D! (Irony >=D)

Also! If you want to do another one of those Petition things... by all means do so, heck I'll sign it!

Elick :)


The incomparable legend
Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
I'm not big on DLC AT ALL, but seeing as how there's all this stuff invloved with URA Zelda, I would definitely love it if they would come out with some if not ALL of these ideas. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out some of the rumors for the URA Zelda and such. So yes I am definitely ALL for DLC for Ocarina of Time, but just that game only.

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