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Three Houses Mafia Game Thread


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trick question, you're not wearing any
goddamit lol

Yeah, no, Ex isn't scum here.

Trust me because if he were scum or scum inclined I would have pushed a D1 lynch on him.
this is suspiciously friendly lol
are you pocketing me

I'll even tell you about the time I posted bus gifs at Ex many, many times.
tell him about how I shot you in retaliation and how we could've still won if you had vanillized JD instead of me
Dec 13, 2019
You mean shot me because you didn't want to face me in the thread to defend yourself?

And I would never pocket you. The moment I even get the hint of treachery from you, you're dead to me.

But no seriously, Kirino, it's a story worth rehashing. You like bridges? Because its got bridges. You like fire? Because it has fires. You like bridges on fire? Don't worry, they're ash.


Slammin' Salmon
Feb 25, 2013
I am KingofDominaria, but you can call me KoD, King, Kod, or some variation thereof. I am not picky. So, here we go.

I was first born into existence on the Mafia scene in an old game developed by PariahKing (now known as PariahKnows) called, roughly, Ghost Mafia 3: Return to Ghost Manor over on the old Wizards of the Coast forums (Paranoia Paradise aka Px2). I replaced into this game due to being asked, and due to the game having slowed in part because of a lack of kills happening. I was immediately killed by the mafia. The ensuing death scene, hand crafted by PK, resulted in a long torture sequence of me that would be replicated for many years down the road by PK. I then participated in a Resident Evil Mafia that had two game threads, which later combined, with a decent amount of people (no, I don't have a working number of the amount of people as it was a long time ago). It was fun though I disappeared, due to being killed, before the threads had combined (there as a SK that was Cosby aligned -- good ol JaC). At this point I disappeared for a bit, I don't remember how long, until I reappeared later to play in three games back to back: Kitten Mafia 5, Shawshank Redemption, and Zindaras's Revenge or something close to that. I was scum in all three, and all three games were happening at somewhat the same time. I met a player named Ahylis, whom I earned their ire for the rest of my existence, that I tortured in all three games by virtue of being mafia. They correctly assereted I was scum, but they were too emotional to push their agenda. I prevailed in Kitten Mafia 5, without lynching Ahylis. I was left to be lynched by Ahylis's singular vote without anyone supporting me, and I was killed by the other mafia team in Zindaras's Revenge (the second game in which I was torturted by a modified version of my original death from Ghost Mafia 3). Fun times.

My timeline is a bit murky in some areas, but there is one game in my history that will forever haunt me. Conflux Mafia. A promotional game to get more people involved in mafia. It was horrific because I was town, but the mafia team consisted of some of the most devious players I've ever had the pleasure of playing against: PK, JD, Tevish Szat, and roxburydude come to mind. A player by the name of murkfu (it's been forever) yolo'd a vote against a claimed cop D1 that resulted in the cop dying. That cop was the mafia done. D2 saw a push, speared by PK, to lynch murkfu for being a sus player with his voting, and I actively pushed back against it because of obvious reasons. What resulted in the rest of that game was anyone who even slightly listened to me was night killed while I argued endlessly with the mafia (mostly PK, JD, and Tevish in grueling bouts of posts). Murica, another town player, also argued with me, but only because PK had told Murica how smart he was which resulted in Murica licking PK's boots for the entirety of that game (I eventually lied about some resutls to force a lynch on PK and Murica, but Murica was lynched first and I was discredited and night killed -- not my greatest moment).

At one point Px2 was under Gleemax (a switch that occurred to the Wizards forums) and one game that I remember from there was Glare of the Loxodon's MuP-fia. It was a mafia game where every player made a MuP (an alt account) and had two lives with the first being the MuP and the second being the actual person (it was treated as a forum with bans to the accounts flavor-wise). I remember that game because it was unique in its execution, and it had some fun moments like how Ahylis played in that game and wasn't upset with me (I was useful town). There was a Smilely Face killer that oculd kill people that posted with smilies in their posts. There was a networker that did something flavorful. I'd be hard pressed to remember a lot of speicfics, BUT! -- I want you all to know that I have inserted this particular part with a firm claim that I am a cop and have gotten a scum result on Rubik. Mafia made a horrible mistake of not killing me when they had the chance, and now I will burn this entire thread with my every waking moment every time I post. It matters not how big or small my posts are for I will raze the mafia into oblivion starting with Rubik's cold corpse as a tribute to whatever entity it is that I serve. Then I shall pinpoint the remaining scum team with Rubik's bones strewn about the floor because why not? Rest assured though that with my ability having revealed Rubik for what he is, it is only a matter of time before the mafia gets what they deserve for not leaving my body as a cold, eviscerated corpse in some shadowed corner of an ally. my own role allowed me to copy dead roles and I was able to lie about having multiple lives while utilizing other roles to out one of the final mafia players in that game. Eventually the Wizards forums adjusted again into groups, and I played maybe one mafia game there before I became inactive for a while up until around the time of the Boardpocalypse. I know that one of the games prior to my move to NGA was Heartless//Soulless Mafia, a PK game. I was mafia aligned and a lover to a jester that got itself killed. I was revived three different times in that game which allowed me to argue to the death with a guy named Rhox or so. It was fun, but my final death resulted in the third heavily modified death scene that PK redid, by hand, to torture me. Anyway. At that point the Px2 community fractured with some of us going to No Goblins Allowed (NGA) while some others resorted to a Facebook group with the Paranoia Paradise name (we actually met our estranged brothers and sisters in 2016 at the Champ games which was a neat treat for us to reconnect in a way).

On NGA I've played a variety of games with a variety of ups and downs (all fun). I've always tried to reach for power only to be besmirched in truly glorious ways that will forever confound me. My first game on NGA was a game by razorborne called Intervals Mafia. It was a fun, standard game themed after music notes. Great for stretching the legs out as it took me one year to actually follow everyone to NGA. Eventually a lot of fun games would surface from our talented group such as the MS-Paint Mafia series, SMM2: Hobgoblin Lives, and the Epistemology Mafia series to name a few. Short summary: In the Epistemology series it's a vicious, backroom dealing series where people made alliances and betrayed them to glorious ends. In the MS Paint series the first one ended in a D1 jester win due to everyone in the game voting the jester. The second one was much more even that ended in a mafia win (of which I was mafia), and the third one was down right vicious -- essentially, with me being mafia that game, we lost one member right away, had a town player flip to being mafia and revive, and then the mafia night killed me for trying to bus them in thread; however, my connected to my delayed lover that was self aligned allowed for me to pass info to them, so the rest of the mafia got outed and killed. It was brutally glorious.
The SMM2 game was fun because I was part of a brainwashed mafia group that was actually town aligned, and due to a series of events from multiple players, the Hobgoblin was killed off and I was the last "mafia" left alive that took up the mantle of the Hobgoblin to become the only threat left for the town to dispose of. I had no vote, no night kill available, and every day the mod would do the day post in a way that outed me as the last remaining threat to the town. Because of how heavily bastard the game was, no one believed what the mod was putting down and I survived maybe three days before I was jailed.
In Px2 Mafia I played myself with the ability to block people with walls of text that I hand crafted with specific subjects like: global warming being a hoax, the eart being flat, and some other topics. My teammates, Rubik and Rag, pulled a gambit and got themselves killed in what was a glorious dumpster fire (though this was before the whole MS Paint 3 event that led to my own team killing me which was more glorious so eh). I was on track to solo win for my team, until I was killed by an arrow that was shot at me four days ago by a player that had been killed as many days ago. Not only was I denied victory, but because it was a PK game and I was me, I faced the longest, to date, modified version of my death scene from Ghost Mafia 3 here. I lost a daughter that was make believe just so we're on the same page.

There was another Zinger game that was an ability draft. It was fun and, again being mafia, we were actually on a good track to win until Duskyblue backstabbed me due to being cult. Apparently she got culted and rather than resurrecting me with an ability, she left me in my grave while they all went on to win together as cult (as in the rest of the game) while I rotted in my grave. She backstabbed me hard, and I will never forget about it.

The long string of games as mafia over on NGA (for me) led to a game hosted by Naga where I was actually town, but it was a flipped game so I was actually town with a small number of people and we were masons with a night kill while everyone else was mafia mailpeople. So I was still mafia, but thankfully the community has only carried out one part of Skystone's proposed plan of lynching me D1 and night killing Amber N1. That part was the whole NKing Amber ha. Let's see, I also lost my pinkies when the mafia savagely cut them off to prevent me from fake claiming 3p cult as a town aligned networker in Pinky Promise Mafia. I was sad.
Clearly this is not an exhaustive list, but suffice it to say my community does its best to make sure I am kept down least I achieve everlasting glory with my wallsmithing skills and glorious Walls of Text.
It's not all pain and suffering with me though. I got away with murder in broad daylight, figureatively speaking, when I telegraphed I was going to shoot shadowamber so much that I actually did it one game. Everyone suspected me so much that they figured it couldnt' have been me. And then I fell over dead because the cosmic powers of the universe decided it must be so to keep me from glory.

I've played in a variety of games with a variety of people though mostly from areas I am familiar with (that is, the peeps from Px2 and now NGA). I have extended beyond those areas to play with new people like in the 2016 championship games on MU as well as a short forray into ZD forums (where I met a lovely bunch of people). One of our glorious content creators, Zinger2099, hosted his Spider-Man Mafia 3: The Clone Saga over on ZD, and let me tell you that was quite the journey with an all-powerful illusionist Fun Fun, the town aligned Cin Min who helped Fun Fun every step of the way, Spiritual Mask Salesman (probably the best ZDer I've encountered) played the role of The Jackal -- and I may have gotten under his skin, and Ex who regreted trusting the cult juice he drank prior to me hitting him with the final unstoppable kill I had when I became The Other and went on a killing spree. There was also a clown fiesta of a trial that Spider-Man was put through (the real Spider-Man played by Silverfish), and I was his defense attorney. I argued more with Silver than I did the rest of the room, but it was fun despite how maddening it was.

If you've ever met me for an extended amount of time, you're in for a treat. My only purpose for existing is to cause a political scandal, and that means if you're trapped with me, then you're in for a swell time. I shall now channel the support of my community via mafia pickup lines, first, and various comments I've collected second. "We send KoD to Champs year after year in hopes that someone will realize that he's been holding us hostage and forcing us to play mafia with him and that they should send a rescue team after us." I will not throw away my shot.

Hey baby, is that a dayvig in your pocket.
They probably assume reasonable decision-making.
Are you a vig, because I've just been shot through the heart!
Don't worry baby, it's not stalking if you're a tracker.
This vote isn't OMGUS, it's Oh My God Stop Flirting With Me.
I'll be your BG if you'll be my Whitney?
It's not tunneling. I'm showing you how much I care.
Just because I kill you sometimes doesn't mean I don't less than three you.
* * * * * * * *
"No one is gonna hold a grudge over a mafia game." "hahaha stares at KoD"
"Also for goodness sake you know KoD could argue until he had sucked all the air in the room and was suffocating on the floor"
"I have a new angry baseline voice to work off of thanks to him."
"KoD is relentlessly competitive and self-righteous when it comes to deception games like mafia which makes a lot of people not like him... But my conversations with him outside of games make me think he's a pretty okay dude. that said, he is infuriating to play against he tunnel-visions worse than anyone"
"KoD has never changed his mind in his life"
"We have reached peak KoD, and I have no interest in getting in the way here. "
"It's too bad you can't cult kod, he'd love to join a petty tale of revenge"
"you put so much effort into being hated by people its really admirable. do you think you are some kind of antihero"
"anyone who has a shred of trust for KoD is an enormous buffoon"
"the number of people who refuse to play mafia with KoD is eventually going to be higher than NGA's active mafia playerbase"
"KoD is important to me because he's someone i don't feel guilty abusing"
"KoD is pretty much always drinking"
"you are a pretty unique individual kod, thankfully"
"KoD is sad, drunk and lonely and believes he deserves it" "isn't he like that 90% of the time"
"kod doesn't know the difference between enemies and people he cares about"
"Kod has a grudge against most players"
"What do you people have against KoD?" "Nothing really. But it is necessary."
"KoD tends to be easier to read the longer a game goes...and a huge town asset if he is town."
"Kod is my apprentice in evil"


King of Lorule Lounge
Jan 19, 2018
KoD either threw a fake red check into his bio or I'm a miller (millers in Sun games don't know they're millers).

I was neighbors with Deku before he died and was a temporary neighbor with another player last night, which is my ability.


Slammin' Salmon
Feb 25, 2013
Ok so iirc my susses are fig for the deku vote (seemed like scum wanting to place a vote somewhere so it didnt look scummy not to have one) and Chevy for various stuff, there was something that pinged me d1 but I dont remember what it was and then I dont like the way he tried to quell KOD's suspicions, that was weird and scummy and I'm gonna vote there, peace and love and goodnight

Vote: Chevy

Sorry this isnt fleshed out being on mobile sux and also I'm busy uwu


Slammin' Salmon
Feb 25, 2013
Oh a weird thing, leslie unvoted me but sun never took it off the count lmao interesting. He said he'd probably vote for deku and now is saying we should look at the deku wagon hmmmm. Interesting

Also both minish and kj voted for kod also interesting

Idk maybe it's nothing I'm gonna go to bed but thos r my findings goodnight everyone

Also it was me rubik targeted me idk why he didnt say it but it was me


Slammin' Salmon
Feb 25, 2013
It doesnt matter to me that you went back on it, that's still what you wanted or else you wouldnt have said it.

When I have time I'll find the other thing that pinged me but I'm comfortable with my vote. Idk what's going on with the rubik wagon was there something in the wall post I didnt read or is it just kod's gut that we're all following


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yea I'm not 100% if he's hinting at mechanical information (and to be fair even if he was I wouldn't be surprised if he was faking it just to get the people on his wagon lynched), but considering KoD was the leading wagon and that noone broke the tie in his favor (which would be likely if he was scum right it's even a good excuse to not leave the decision to RNG) I don't think it's that absurd that there was at least one scum sitting on him last phase

I personally think Naga not warning us that he was going to be away could be a slight scumtell since if a scumbud were to submit his actions he'd be seen moving, although that coulda been simply solved by him saying he had present his action

Rubik coming in here today shoving a finger in my face without further development or answering stuff I asked bothers me more though

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