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This Pokemon

Feb 23, 2011
Yeah, I've always been a fan of the Pokemon anime series, and I still am. However, I can't help but notice how the series went downhill after Generation 2. While many things changed for the worst, other things remained the same - to the point where each episode seemed boring and repetitive. For the most part each episode sticks to the boring formula of "meet random citizen, help said citizen, and continue the group continues along its way" or a variation thereof, bar a few special episodes here and there. There were other times where the overall pacing and the amount of fillers between each gym battle was... off. And why is Ash not the MOST powerful trainer in the world at this point in the series? 9_9

I guess you could say the series changed the all the wrong things, while keeping the all the wrong things the same - failing to find that crucial balance. It has seen many ups and downs, but in spite of all that, I can't complain; I still tune in every Saturday morning. lol Overall, I am not the fan I used to be.


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Mar 16, 2012
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I tried to watch The Sinnoh League & Unova in the anime...I just cant anymore. Basically, I watched until Dawn lost the appeal rounds her first try. Then I gave up. The only thing good was Ash's voice, (which almost showed he was maturing until they still said he was 10 when he should be well into his teen years) Team Rocket & Brock's obsession for anime girls (which isnt that funny if you dont have someone like Misty or Max to tug him out by the ear). I thought maybe the Unova league was gonna be better...they just had a better female-co star that somehow remind me of Misty & May,So I stopped.
That being said, I'll always play the games!:D

P.S to Ash
Really?! Your Pikachu you had since forever & is probably lvl 80+ lost to a level 5 Snivy!?!?!?! You suck! You acted like have less experience that a noob. & how are you STILL 10 years old?! I remember they had a special episode where you & Pikachu had an anniversary!
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Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I have been watching Pokemon since the very first episode, and I have never skipped an episode since! :P I'm probably the first to say this, but I'm really like seeing and enjoying the new episodes of Black and White: Rival Destinies. I guess I'm one of the few TRUE Pokemon fans who loves everything of Pokemon despite of what everyone thinks. I love being a Pokemon fan for life! :D :P XD

Mayor Dotour

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May 13, 2012
Having never watched the new seasons of Pokemon I can only give my opinions up til Advance. The very first seasons had my attention whilst as they moved to different regions and cutting out the old sidekicks in place of new ones was devastating to me. I built a love and respect for Misty and to have them take her away was just saddening.


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Apr 9, 2012
The Land Between Regions
There is one improvement I have noticed about the anime over the course of the years (that I can account to since I don't watch the show anymore). In the first season, Ash got the gym badges from helping gym leaders out or other menial things rather than actually battling for the badge. Such cases that I can recall (correctly or incorrectly) are the Cascade Badge, Rainbow Badge, Marsh Badge, and Earth Badge (this one I am fuzzy on). From the recent gym battles that i have seen, Ash actually fights in pretty amazing battles against the Gym Leaders, which is one of the only reasons I would watch the anime now.

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