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Things That Are on Your Mind

Nov 17, 2014
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These pieces of advice, and writing in general. I used to love writing, but over the past year or so, it's stressed me out to write, and I can barely force myself to do it now. I still love writing, but to actually try and do it is so hard. I feel like what I write will be terrible, I--as a person--will be judged for something I make my characters do or go through (So even when I do write, it's not what I want to write, and it's not who I am), and a bunch of other thoughts like that and about failure fill my mind, instead of the storyline/characters/plot twists.
This advice helps me because to know that nobody has to read it, that it's okay to fail and to write a bad story, and that if I offend someone: too bad, helps me so much. It lets me be myself when I write, instead of what I think an audience might want. Giving myself permission to fail, or to be rude, or to be wrong about a topic I'm writing is already starting to help open my creativity again, and actually makes me inspired to write, as odd as it sounds.
Sorry you all had to read that, I just needed to say it somewhere :P


I just really like botw
Apr 8, 2019
I can't believe Breath of the Wild still hooks me so hard after non-stop playthrough after playthrough for 2 years now. I know the game like my own shoe, but all I want to do with my life now is to take all beasts and all shrines. Again. What a masterpiece game.

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