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Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

May 7, 2015
My feelings? Complete and utter relief. Having a favorite game character conquered by SJWs would have ruined the series for me. Also good to know Aonuma's feelings on if there ever are playable female characters: There are already strong females to draw from, which most of us have been saying from the start.

As for the voiceover, it's in the game itself, not just the trailer. Link hears it as he is waking up.
May 4, 2014
I'm glad that at least Nintendo isn't willing to butcher an iconic 30 year old character to please whiny, pandering fans who conveniently forget that there are plenty of strong, kick-ass chicks in the gaming world.


Apr 22, 2011
I am perplexed, it is such a trivial thing. How exactly does gender ever affect a story? (Unless you are homophobic and can't stand a romance between 2 same sex characters maybe)

Even if you believe it does, is anybody forcing you to play the other gender?
I honestly don't know, please, if anybody feels forced by Nintendo to play as a female Link then tell me and everything will maybe make sense.

Thank goodness. Link is a character, not an avatar.

He was supposed to be an avatar, at least Miyamoto said so a while back?
Off topic but f we consider Link a character, then Link is the worst character ever written.

He has no personality, never talks, and the only thing different from start to finish is the amount of items he has in his bag. Really boring guy that only becomes interesting when you control him, a lot of other video game characters actually are something before & after you run around in the world with them.

The best example of something close to a real character IMO would be TWW Link, he was a lazy guy with a loving sister & grandma. Then he lost something he loves, had motivation, gathered courage, showed emotion, and went through a real character arc.


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Hmmm... so that voice clip is supposed to be in the game? They are possibly finally going the route of making Link a full-blooded character? Interesting. I mean, he stared out as a kind of avatar (Link) before people figured out that us girl-critters liked playing videogames, too, and as a general Hero's Journey protagonist, and now maybe they are making him even more...

I honestly do not mind either way. I think there is room to have a game in the collection at some point where the "Hero's-spirit" could be a player's choice of gender. (I like playing characters of both genders in games where this is possible, I've found). However, it would have to be done well. (I've only just barely met Linkle in HW: Legends and already am annoyed at her twitty can't follow a map with a compass and signs schitck... Don't be "inclusive" if you aren't going to do it right - trust me, as a lady, it's much more insulting than just having a guy-hero without giving avataring a thought). I also like the idea of making Link more of a full-character who is defined - and if that's what this game is doing, then cool. I mean, I play Pit in Kid Icarus - who is a VERY defined his-own-character in Uprising, I love playing Wander in Shadow of the Colossus... Mario's always been defined even though he's been largely personality-less from the beginning.

It's kind of interesting to see how these characters evolve over the years as videogaming has gone from moving pixels around full-fledged cinematic stories and multi-"novel" storylines. (I am old... my first experiences with gaming were on an Atari 2600 and NES).

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Feb 5, 2016


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Feb 8, 2011
Pity, I would have been cool with an optional selection for male or female Link. That would've been a satisfactory middle ground, right?


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May 20, 2012
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Oh no, people would have had a choice?!?!? The horror!

Nah now that Link is getting solid characterization and voiced characters referring to him by name, that's the end (for now) of the whole "avatar vs character" bit (at least for this game). If they're going that route, cool. If they change it in a future game, that's also cool.

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