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The Tears of the Kingdom and SS Relics

Jan 11, 2021
It looks like the "Tears of the Kingdom" are the same shape as the Amber Relic and Dusk Relic from Skyward Sword. The description for these items specifically reference the importance of their shape: "It's an amber-colored chunk of precious stone. Nobody knows why it's this shape." and "This item is similar in appearance to an Amber Relic, yet very different. It can only be found in certain places." These relics have a hole drilled through their center. Is there anything more here about the founding of the kingdom, or is it just coincidence that these supposedly sacred objects are identical to the Dusk Relics (only found in the Goddess-controlled Silent Realm).
Blue Tear.pngGreen Tear.pngRed Tear.pngOrange Tear.pngAmber Relic.pngDusk Relic.png


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