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Majora's Mask The Perfect Final 3 Day Cycle Challenge!


Dec 29, 2011
Cardington, Ohio
i just did it :D i even added in beating all the minigames, i did it with only beating the bosses though not the whole temples, i only had from 10a.m. to 6p.m. on the third morning left of free time though o_O
Apr 4, 2011
Great Bend Kansas
Alright, I finally uploaded the video! No commentary, but I add it later, if you guys wish, anyway here you go!


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
It would have been somewhat possible if it were not for the Anju and Kafei quest. The Anju and Kafei quest is too demanding on the clock for you to go running around and fight bosses/beat temples.

Honestly, it would not look that challenging if you were able to use the Inverted Song of Time, nowhere near as challenging as a 3-heart challenge.


Indigo Child
Jan 21, 2011
Krosno, Poland
Alright, I finally uploaded the video! No commentary, but I add it later, if you guys wish, anyway here you go!
Dude, I never knew about this shortcut to clock tower! That means - even if Swamp Business Scrub occupies the Deku Flower, you can still face Skull Kid and Majora?
May 25, 2012
I'm going to give this a bash. Although to make it more of a challenge I'm going to do it from the second cycle, so I'll have to drop a few things from the list for time/practicality reasons. The challenge I'm going to try goes like this:

1.Beat all the bosses (including temples)
2.Beat the Goron races.
3.Return the deku Princess. - I may do this if time permits later in the quest.
4.Save the Ranch.
5. Do the Anju and Kafie Quest start to finish.
6.Deliver the Milk.
7. Play with the Band. - again dropped for time, but I might pop back if I have some spare.
8.Do all the Moon dungeons. (I didn't say Temples.) - impossible. Since I won't possibly have collected all the masks by the end of the 3 days.
9.Beat Majora.

Basically, all I'm adding is Anju/Kafei to what I would normally do on a 3 day run. I'm pretty sure day 1 is conducive to it - I tend to get to Woodfall at about 10am (so in this one I'll warp to Clock Town and get the Kafei mask) and I usually am at Snowhead by 2.10pm (so that's just about the right time to warp back to town again and get the room key). If I can manage this an still get to Epona before 6pm, the rest shouldn't be a huge problem. Oh, and I'll try to get the gilded sword too.
May 25, 2012
[smug mode]I'm officially awesome! It's 4.36am on the final day and I've saved by the clock tower with every dungeon beaten, 10 hearts, 4 fairies in bottles, the gilded sword and the Postman, Stone, Great Fairy, Keaton, Bremen, Bunny, Romani, Kafei, Couples, Kamaro, Gibdo, Garo, Captain and Giants' masks. I also drank some Chateau on night 2 so I've got infinte magic and I got all the fairies in Woodfall so I have the proper spin attack. I think this is by far the best second cycle I've ever done.[/smug mode]

Can anyone suggest a way to improve on it? All I can think of is getting the fairies in Stone Tower for the uber sword.


Here's a hint for anyone doing this. You don't actually have to meet Kafei outside the hideout at 6pm. As long as you're there for when Sakon opens it at 7pm you'll get in. That hour is precious if you're juggling when to enter/leave Stone Tower temple. I broke it up into 2 (get the light arrows and the boss key, then meet Kafei and return to beat Twinmold - of course having the Gilded sword helps at that point but that's a doddle IMHO).
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