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Game Thread The Clone Saga: A Spider-Man Mafia 3

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The Jackal

Mafia Account
Mafia Account
Jun 24, 2020
Have you ever had a really bad day?...

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Yeah... I'm having the worst one right about now.

Okay, so this is a bit of a long story. And like all of the really bad days in my life, this story starts with Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin.

A long time ago, before Hobgoblin Lives, before even Maximum Carnage, there was The Green Goblin's Revenge. What, never heard of that one? That's cuz it's not widely publicized in the media. It wasn't some big event that got crowds of people invested like the aforementioned two—why would it? It didn't have machiavellian plots and superhero team-ups and epic, world-shattering stakes. It didn't have people on internet message boards talking about it for hours on end trying to solve the mysteries behind them. Most importantly, it didn't have some crazed serial-killing sociopath on the lose racking up body-counts like they're going on sale. In fact, the entire body count for The Green Goblin's Revenge was just...one...person...

My person.

Gwen Stacy. My first love.

The Goblin killed her just to get to me. It wasn't about some mad scheme to conquer the criminal underworld or even a psychopathic random act of violence. It was personal. He did it because of me, and in a way, it's like I killed her myself.

The worst part is, I may have...

A part of me died that day. And even though Norman paid the ultimate price for what he did (at least, for a few years, before he later came back from the dead—another long story, no time to get into it), nothing could take that hurt away. It still lingers with me, even now, years later. Sure, I have fallen in love again (I'm married to the most beautiful girl on earth—about the only good luck I've had since), but Gwen's death will always weigh on me, just like Uncle Ben's before her, and just like Aunt May's will after her (Hold on, I'll get to that part in a bit).

But what Norman didn't understand the night he ruined my life is that Gwen was loved by more than just me. In killing her to get to me, Norman got to a lot of people, one of whom was my university biology professor, Miles Warren. Now, I've always been the smartest guy in every class I'm in, but Gwen? She was smarter. Gwen was professor Warren's star pupil, his favourite student, the one person in all his years as a teacher that he thought would amount to more than he could ever achieve himself. In his own way, he loved her, and when she died a part of him died too. Professor Warren had a psychotic break and became obsessed with using his research into genetic cloning to bring her back to life, but when his lab assistant found out what he was doing the assistant tried to shut his experiments down. The two ended up fighting, and, in Warren's final attempt to protect his work, Warren accidentally killed his assistant. Already teetering on the brink of mental collapse, this final act threw Warren off the deep end. His mind snapped, creating a split personality that could be blamed for all of his wrongdoings, and keep his hands clean. That day the Jackal was born.

The Jackal was a twisted version of the professor I knew in a goblin-esque green jumpsuit. Just as brilliant but completely insane, morally and ethically bankrupt in every possible way. The Jackal needed to do more than just bring Gwen back to life, he needed someone to blame for her death in the first place. With the Green Goblin apparently deceased, he latched on to the only other party present who could share in the blame—me. The Jackal decided he would destroy me the way I had destroyed Gwen, in his eyes, and he decided he would use the only weapon he had at his disposal to do it—cloning. And he succeeded.

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A fight to the death with myself—Even if I live, I die!

That was 5 years ago. Long story short, I thought the Jackal and my clone were killed that day, but I was wrong. Somehow they both survived the explosion at Shae Stadium. Somehow they survive and have escaped my attention for five long years. But now they've returned, presumably to finish what they started. Which brings us back to today...

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My clone—looking pretty spry for a dead man.

And of course, they pick today, of all days, to pull the rug out from under me. You see, today isn't just bad because an old enemy I thought was dead has resurrected himself along with a genetic duplicate of me bent on stealing my life. Nope. Today was a really bad day all on it's own, and these Jackals and Clones are **** icing on top of my **** cake.

Aunt May is dying.

Aunt May, the woman who practically raised me after my parents died and left me on her doorstep. The real first woman I ever loved, if you think about it. The person who filled me with the courage to face my demons and stand up straight all these years despite everything trying very hard to destroy me is dying. And I don't know how to handle it. Plus, there's a chance she might have been poisoned. Oh yeah, the doctors are baffled and can't say what's wrong with her except that it might be an unknown type of poison they can't detect. The test was inconclusive, but I've just got a feeling. Given all the rogues in my gallery of villains who would love to hurt her to get to me, it wouldn't be that surprising. But I'll tell you, after losing Uncle Ben and Gwen both to people I could have should have stopped before they had the chance to hurt them, if I have to watch one more person go because of me I just... Well... Let's just say professor Warren isn't the only one with a license to snap.

Right. Professor Warren. The Jackal. Clones. Gaaaaaah!

Okay, you clone piece of ****. You want to go for round two? Your funeral. And this time, I'll make sure you're dust because nobody threatens Spider-Man on the day his Aunt lies dying in a hospital and walks away to talk about it.

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If I'm going to have a really bad day, so will you!

The Clone Saga:

A Spider-Man Mafia 3
has begun!


The Day 1 Deadline is set for 96 hours from now.

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeeeaaahhhh
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