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TB Hard Drives...how Much Diskspace Do You Actually Use?


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Jan 31, 2010
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The people want more...more capacity, more space, faster internet etc. Our pc's are getting faster, the technology is getting better and better. Now my question is: how much GB do you use on your Hard Drive(s)? I have a 1,5 TB external drive and a 1 TB internal HD. But the amount of diskspace I used on the excternal HD is like 8 GB and on my pc like 30 GB. I believe in the last year I used 5 GB out of the 30 :P So how much diskspace do you have left?
Mar 15, 2013
I have around 500 gigabytes.

And from them, I have less then 12 left. And that's on a good day. Most of the time my PC has less then 4 lol.


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May 26, 2010
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I have 451GB of usable space on my hard drive, I personally have have used around 130GB but my brother's videos and things are still here which take up around 190GB.


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Jun 18, 2011
I've used about 600 of my 900Gb Harddrive. I use external harddrives as well to avoid filling the laptop completely up


Feb 24, 2010
On my desktop, I have a 500GB drive that my OS is installed on, another 2TB internal for storage, and a 2.5TB external just for data backups. I find myself using a lot of space. Games alone are huge, many games being released today are around 20GB and my PC is my main gaming platform. This occupies much of the space on my C: drive. I also have a lot in the way of music and videos on my 2TB internal. Prior to purchasing it, I had a 1TB drive that died that was almost entirely filled. Unfortunately I couldn't save all the data on it, so I only use about 400GB of space on the new 2TB, but it's filling up fast.

I can easily see myself buying more storage in the future.


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Nov 29, 2008
I use 800 GB of my 1 TB external drive. And I've had to delete stuff to make room for that. The thing about space is that even with capacities increasing, usage is too. Larger files for the same takes, because they're higher quality.
I remember this talk a decade and a half ago, where people thought 700 MB on the new, to the public, CD format would be more than enough space for anything we'd ever need and that we'd never need more space.

In ten years, a terabyte won't be thought of as being that large. It'll be rather inadequate for our purposes and most drives would be at least 20 TB, probably more.


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Aug 25, 2008
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The HDD on my laptop is 750 GB. I'm an avid PC gamer, and without a desktop, majority of my games, photos, videos, and music are stored on my laptop. With all of that, I still have about 250GB of space left, and I definitely plan on keeping room for games like BioShock Infinite.

Whenever I get the funds to build a desktop, I would definitely have a one or two terabyte harddrive so I could have all of my game titles downloaded at one time without having to cycle through any for the sake of storage space.


Apr 22, 2011
Not that much to be completely honest and it is why I switched to a SSD drive, much faster but a little less space. Although I still use a second hard drive which I keep a lot of high definition movies on that take up a lot of space, 1TB but even with over 50 movies on it and some games I'm only at 400GB used space..

A SSD in combination with a regular 300GB hard drive is the best combo IMO out there atm, don't think the average Joe or even a more techy kind of person needs more than 500GB of hard drive space.


Sep 19, 2011
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I have two 1TB hardrives in my gaming desktop, (one of those is pretty slow so it ends up as storage) I accidentally purchased one of those slow "green" hardrives. I only have 200gb left on my main hardrive. The main culprit for this is steam and it's cheap sales. I am obsessed with getting every game downloaded and installed from steam so that when I do finally get around to playing it it's ready to go.

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