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Super Smash Mafia - Game Thread

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Feb 23, 2014
I just love playing with my trophies! What a genius idea I had when I decided to pin them up against each other! I thought to myself as I emptied out my trophy box. I had originally decided to pick only 20 trophies, but realized that I couldn't do it! I had to pick 25! I dressed all of the trophies up in black cloaks so they wouldn't recognize each other.

"Well, I guess it's time to tell you guys the rules!" I said to them.

1. All day periods will be 5 days, besides the first one, which will be a little over 4 days. An extension will be considered on a case by case basis, but likely will not be granted.
2. All night periods will be 2 days with no exceptions.
3. If I am unable to make a post immediately, the deadlines will still have to be followed.
4. You may Vote: No Lynch, but it will be in place of a normal vote.
5. You must Unvote before casting a new vote, or it will not be counted.
6. You must bold all of your votes/unvotes, or they will not be counted.
7. A majority vote will result in a lynch. If no majority is reached by the end of the day, the person with the most votes on them will be lynched. In the case of a tie, there will be a no lynch.
8. Role claiming is allowed, but no mass claiming (defined by more than 2 role claims in one day)
9. All soft claiming is allowed.
10. Absolutely no name claiming.
11. Do not edit posts. If you are going to double post merge, please start your second post with EBWODP which means "Edit By Way Of Double Post"
12. No night posting at all.
13. Keep spam to a minimum (all post-death posts are considered spam).
14. No posting information after your death.
15. You cannot use outside information within the game (example: who is online at a given time)
16. You must post at least once each day period, preferably much more. There will be some leniency but you must give an explicit reason as to why you will be unable to participate in a given day.
17. Any of these rules being broken will result in either a replacement or a mod-kill, depending on the severity.
18. Have fun!

1. justac00lguy
2. Big Octo
3. LittleGumball
4. Dracomajora
5. Fig
6. AvatarFlygon
7. A Link In Time
8. Blackkirby
9. Pendio
10. DekuNut
11. musicfan
12. Mellow Ezlo
13. Sydney
14. Ayano Keiko
15. Firice da Vinci
16. ~Mizuki~
17. Imogen
18. Thareous
19. fused_shadows
20. Stitch
21. Heroine of Time
22. Celeboy
23. Vergo-a-go-go
24. PokaLink
25. kokirion

1. Viral Maze
2. Go_Dark_Link
3. Mido

With 25 people alive, it takes 13 votes for a majority lynch. The day will end at 11:59:59 PM on Friday, August 1st.
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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
Actually if you want revenge, you would have to target Sadia or PokaLink since they were the ones to lynch you.

Sadu isn't in this game, but I didn't notice Poka was because the list is too damn long

Vote: Pokalink

REVENGE :devil:
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