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Strike Against SOPA & PIPA


Jan 10, 2011
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If you didn't already know about these two bills, Congress in America is considering censoring the Internet of anything involving copyrights (which would probably mean this very site) and forcing us to pay for sites such as facebook. Don't let that happen! Petition against it here.
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Apr 4, 2011
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ESA,E3, SOPA,PIPA, and Zelda Dungeon

Okay. I'm surprised that NOW people are beginning to Notice SOPA, (took you guys long enough.) But I'm going to discuss this now since it's FINALLY on Everyone mind. SOPA and PIPA. Now what the Heck does this have to do with e3. For the People who are lazy to read watch this...


You can also learn more about the bill one a video on Youtube. This one is the One you want to look at.


Okay Now you know what the Bill came from... what it does? Look it up. But anyway it's BAD News.

Okay but the title, Where am I going with this?

Well in the Extra Credits Video, It discussed the idea of Not Attending, covering, or Viewing E3 if ESA Still supports this Evil bill. So I propose this. Zelda Dungeon NOT to stream E3 untill the ESA changes their Stance on SOPA. Also make sure to tell other Game Companies not to go unless ESA does this. Because E3 is the ESA's Most Profitable event, This will hurt them, A LOT. Also Keep in mind that if SOPA Passes. Sites like This, and Including This one, can and WILL Be shut down! If you want to Fight the good Fight, then I have some things for you to sign!


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Sep 19, 2011
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I know right? People in my school are just beginning to talk about SOPA and PIPA now; I've been aware of them for months. Also, it seems like nobody has even really cared for PIPA up until now, now that SOPA has been shelved.

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Aug 15, 2011
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I didn't know about it until recently :P but I gotta agree here. The government is crazy. CRAZY.

Petiton signed. I would lose it if I had to pay for Tumblr. LOSE IT.

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