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Breath of the Wild [Spoilers] Quote during the final fight

May 17, 2018
So I beat the game for the first time the other day, but one thing that has been bugging me is a line that Zelda says right before the final fight; "He's [Ganon] given up on reincarnation." What is this suppose to mean? That Ganon/Demise is tired of coming back, so he put forth so much power this last time that if he was defeated there would be no energy left to come back? Did he always have this power? If so, do the other two have this power as well. I've seen other people on other sites claim that this just a bad translation, yet don't offer any proof to that claim. What do you all think? Just seemed like a rather odd line to say.


Sole Survivor
Apr 10, 2017
He grew tired of using his time and energy to become a humanoid and decided to stay a monster and fight Link that way


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Honestly i interpreted it as he went from mortal to elemental force over the course of his lifetimes and that he'd finally broken free of the cycle that seems to exist around link, zelda and the G-man, but (and this makes no sense to me) he went from an elemental force to attempting to re-create a body, possibly to fight link or more likely to be able to exert a more palpable influence over hyrule (i mean c'mon he spend 100 years try to kill zelda and failed on that score) i do think the Yiga aided in the resurrection of Ganon and more importantly provided him with organic and inorganic parts to build said body (the Skull and possibly some of the guardian weapons) But link destroys this bastardized body he's formed he's basically pissed to hell and back he's given in to his base emotions and surrendered himself fully to the Malice. I think the whole re-building a body was so he could re-assert himself into the perpetual cycle of reincarnation that plagues hyrule and when he failed at he he gave it up completely and ironically finally obtained the power to destroy hyrule and got slaughtered like a pig to harvest

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