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Sony - Playstation State of Play

Oct 14, 2013
A topic for people to discuss info from Sony's Playstation State of Play digital presentations

PS State of Play - Game list - September 2019

Humanity - 2020
Call of Duty Modern Warfare - 25th October
Wattam - December
LA Noire - VR - Now
Gorn 2019
Espire1 VR Operative - September
Stardust Odyssey - 2019
After The Fall - 2020
Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash - 2019
Medievil - October
Civilisation 6 - 22md ovember
Death Stranding- November
Death Stranding PS4 Pro - 8th November 2019
After Party - 29th October 2019

MLB The Show + Last of Us Remastered - October (free on PS Plus)

The Last of Us Part 2 - 21st February
Oct 14, 2013
Here's a list of every game mentioned in yesterday's Playstation State of Play.
  • Spellbreak
  • Dreams
  • Superliminal
  • Paper Beast - VR
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 - Remind DLC
  • Predator Hunting Grounds
  • Babylon’s Fall
  • Resident Evil 3 remake
  • Ghost of Tsushima
Oct 14, 2013
12th June event - PS5 event - games.

GTA5 Enhanced
Spiderman - Miles Morals
Gran Turismo 7
Rachet and Clank - Rift Apart
Project Athia
Sackboy - A Big Adventure
Destruction All Stars
Kena - Bridge of Spirits
Goodbye Volcano High
Oddworld - Soulstorm
Ghostwire Tokyo
Jett - The Far Shore
Solar Ash
Hitman 3
Astro’s Playroom
Little Devil Inside
NBA 2K21
Demon’s Souls
Resident Evil 8
Horizon 2 - Forbidden West

GTA5 Enhanced - nope
Spiderman - Miles Morals - nope
Gran Turismo 7 - nope
Rachet and Clank - Rift Apart - nope
Project Athia - hmm
Stray - KITTY!!
Sackboy - A Big Adventure - nope
Destruction All Stars - nope
Kena - Bridge of Spirits - nope
Goodbye Volcano High - nope
Oddworld - Soulstorm - nope
Ghostwire Tokyo - nope
Jett - The Far Shore - nope
Godfall - nope
Solar Ash - YES!!
Hitman 3 - nope
Astro’s Playroom - nope
Little Devil Inside - nope
NBA 2K21 - nope
Bugsnax - nope
Demon’s Souls - DAMMIT!!
Resident Evil 8 - Ughh...
Pragmata - nope
Horizon 2 - Forbidden West - **** off.

The console itself looks very unique and striking but it looks very busy. I feel like I need it in my hands to be able to see it properly.


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
out of all those, these were that ones that I'm interested in or will just have my eye on

Spiderman - Miles Morales
Rachet and Clank - Rift Apart
Project Athia
Sackboy - A Big Adventure
Kena - Bridge of Spirits
Astro’s Playroom
Resident Evil 8
Horizon 2 - Forbidden West

the console design is...not very appealing, I don't hate it but I just feel weird about it
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Feb 21, 2020
Ethereal Plane
I'm actually super hyper for RE8, anything Ratchet and Clank, and to be honest Demons' Souls remastered will probably be the time I finally end up buying into it. I won't end up with a PS5 for another few years at least, as I still have a massive back catalogue on the 4, but it'll be nice to have a decent library built including these three games for me.

Spiritual Mask Salesman

CHIMer Dragonborn
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RE8 looks interesting, I'm stoked for Solar Ash and Demon's Souls. Kena - Bridge of Spirit looks cool, and Horizon 2 looks amazing. The premise of Deathloop piqued my curiousity too. I tried getting into Spiderman (2018) but from the little I played I just couldn't. So even though I still think it looks cool, based on my disinterest in it while I played it, I don't think Spiderman: Miles Morales is something I care about, I think it looked interesting though.
Oct 14, 2013
Pretty solid presentation overall.
I can agree. The presentation was pretty solid. Something for everyone. Though in my opinion there was no big hitter. No console selling game, like BotW was for the Switch. I hope Sony still has one hidden away and will announce it soon. If not, it could hurt them come launch day.

Here's my opinion on the games.

GTA5 Enhanced - GTA 5 needs to die. GTA 6 can't come fast enough.
Spiderman - Miles Morals - Does nothing for me. The PS4 game, looked way batter gameplay wise and in so many other ways better. That PS4game with the SSD in the PS5 would be great.
Gran Turismo 7 - Looked good. Not my thing but first person racing fans will really like it.
Rachet and Clank - Rift Apart - Has very big shoes to fill. I'm hyped but we shall see if it's really as good as it could be.
Project Athia - Feels very alpha. When we have more info we'll know what this game really is.
Stray - No idea what this is really about but I'm very interested. I can't wait to hear more about this. I'm hyped.
Returnal - Pass on this. Looks very average from what I saw.
Sackboy - A Big Adventure - Little Big Planet fans might like this, but it's no 3D Mario game. I get that Sony is looking towards it's 2nd party studios to try and capture the more Nintendo like crowd. I see this as the game people will get along side the other game they really want. This will sell but it will not sell consoles.
Destruction All Stars - Honestly it looked really terrible. A poor man's destruction derby.
Kena - Bridge of Spirits - This might actually be good. I think we need to see more to know if it will be good as I'm on the fence about it. Hopefully it'll turn into something people want to buy.
Goodbye Volcano High - Feels to me like a Life is Strange game with furries. Small target audience for this one.
Oddworld - Soulstorm - Looks amazing with the same core Oddworld gameplay. The fans will love it. But the fanbase is pretty small. Hope it sells well.
Ghostwire Tokyo - This did noting for me but a lot of others seemed to like it. It looked alright though. I think it'll sell as a 2nd game peopel buy with the main game they want. It'll sell, but not sell consoles.
Jett - The Far Shore - Looked very average. Need more time in the oven then show that new build to us.
Godfall - Looked very free to play. I could be wrong but that's the impression I got from it from this trailer.
Solar Ash - This didn't look too bad. One of the better indie games shown today.
Hitman 3 - This seriously could help sell consoles. Not on it's own but with whatever big game Sony has for launch. A great reveal all round.
Astro’s Playroom - Poor mans 3D Mario game. Really looked very average all round.
Little Devil Inside - Looked very average to me but I feel we need more info about this game to know really how good it could be.
NBA 2K21 - Is this a game about basketball or a casino simulator? Until this question is answered we will not know how good this could be or could not be.
Bugsnax - I think as a budget title this could find some success. But it'll flop at full price.
Demon’s Souls - Huge reveal. Should be amazing. However we'll need a lot more details and footage of the game before we're totally sold on it.
Deathloop - That looked terrible to me. It felt like an indie studio trying their best but lacking the skill to make something that's really polished and worth my money.
Resident Evil 8 - RE was never my thing and even if it was this trailer would not sell me on the game. It was just a name reveal trailer really, so not much more to say than, when more info is shared, we'll know more.
Pragmata - Looks pretty good. Though we need more info about it. I liked what I saw though.
Horizon 2 - Forbidden West - Graphical tech demo V2.0 ??? The first game looked amazing but as a game, it was average at best and garbage at worst . . . I know some people disagree but that's what I felt from it when I played it. This sequel needs more than just good graphics to be a good game. Will this sequel be a good game or just pretty visuals only like the first game? I guess only time will tell.


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Feb 21, 2020
Ethereal Plane
GTA5 Enhanced - GTA 5 needs to die. GTA 6 can't come fast enough.

I think it keeps not dying because it keeps printing $$$ for rockstar. it is the highest grossing individual media OF ALL TIME, EVER, and consistently top grossing year after year - and it came out in 2013! If you made just under a billion dollars of literal profit off of a videogame every year, I think you'd be foolish to switch up that formula. GTA6 will, I'm sure, be outstanding but I wouldn't anticipate it releasing until 5 stops printing money. Which, considering the install base of 5 at this point, might be soon - if you already have GTA5 and have played it to death, odds are pretty good you won't be throwing money at a remaster.
8thark said:
I can agree. The presentation was pretty solid. Something for everyone. Though in my opinion there was no big hitter. No console selling game, like BotW was for the Switch. I hope Sony still has one hidden away and will announce it soon. If not, it could hurt them come launch day.

You're right that there was nothing as monumental as BotW was for the Switch launch but the variety of games shown here is enough for the PS5's first year. Also, if there's one game I feel people may be sleeping on, it's Horizon 2. I remember back to Guerrilla's other major franchise, Killzone, and there was a major leap in quality from Killzone 1 to 2.


I just really like botw
Apr 8, 2019
I've looked over it a few more times now and gotta say it's grown on me, I wasn't initially very excited but there are some gems here for sure. I'm WAY into Solar Ash, I think Kena: Bridge of Spirits can become fantastic, and Project Athia was my favorite of the show, that looks extremely promising for me.


The Destructive One
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Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
I'm so happy we're getting a NEW Ratchet and Clank game that is full length! Love that series, and I wish it'd get full games more often, but at least it's still alive... *cough*Sly Cooper*cough*

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart was the highlight for me. That's my favourite series of platform games (which in turn is my favourite genre of video games) and my favourite non-Nintendo series. It's been way too long since we had a new game, which is a shame because the last two games (not the ps4 reimagining, I have yet to play it) are gold mines, and there really aren't any bad games spin offs aside. I know for most people, this series isn't a console seller, but for me it just might be. The graphics are beautiful and SHINY CLANK!!

I was also very intrigued by the new Spider-Man, the Sackboy game (Little Big Planet was an adorable and fun little game that I'm glad to see isn't forgotten) and Horizon Forbidden West.

Overall, the presentation was solid. No real heavy hitters for most people, but a decent lineup as a whole.
Mar 15, 2020
United States
No real heavy hitters for most people,
Are you crazy?? Ratchet and Clank, Demon's Souls Remake, Hitman 3, Spiderman, Horizon sequel, and you're telling me that there's no heavy hitters? Come on, man! :p I'm really looking forward to the new Ratchet as well. I just finished playing through Deadlocked so the timing of the announcement was perfect for me.

Looks like I'll be buying a next gen console after all. I was really surprised at how many games they had to show right away. I had low expectations but I was pleasantly proven wrong. I love the Souls series, and Demon's Souls is the only one I haven't played so I'm stoked that I'll get to play it with an active playerbase. Hitman 2016 and its sequel/second season are two of the best games of this gen, and instantly became two of my favorite games. Obviously part 3 was coming, but it's nice to have a date. Looks like IO made enough from part 2 that they can have well-made cutscenes again. I'll be playing this one on PC, but I'll give Sony credit for announcing it in their presentation.

It feels like there's already more games announced for PS5 that interest me than there have been throughout the entire PS4/XBO/Switch era.

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