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Some pixel art


Sep 2, 2021
About a week ago or so, I went on a nostalgia trip down memory lane and dug up some really old art from the very beginning on my pixel art journey and decided to rework a lot of it. Most of it is actually Zelda related which is why I wanted to share it here.

Back in 2009 I became a member over at ZFGC and was very eager to make a Zelda fan game, so I learned how to code and do pixel art. Some art pieces that I'll post here is connected to canceled fan games and community projects.

The two first pieces are one map from an old community project and the other one is a sprite, King of Red Lions in the style of Minish Cap. The sprite is more or less a imagination of "what if we got Wind Waker for the GBA?". The left version is a static pose and the one to the right is an idea on how it looks like sailing with the water parting on the ship. Still a bit of a wip, will probably animate it as well.

Anyway, enjoy the art and I'll make sure to post some more stuff here along the way.


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